Jonesin’ – August 14 2018 Crossword Puzzle Answers

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Jonesin’ Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Aug 14 2018 

Clues Answers
‘Automatic for the People’ group REM
‘Helps stop gas before it starts’ product BEANO
‘Humbug!’ preceder BAH
‘I’ve got nothing ___’ TOLOSE
‘Neither fish ___ fowl’ NOR
‘One ___ land …’ IFBY
‘That’s funny’ HAHA
‘The Late Late Show’ host before Kilborn, Ferguson, and Corden SNYDER
‘Zounds!’ EGAD
1980s Secretary of State Alexander HAIG
1990s Wink Martindale game show that paid off contestants’ obligations DEBT
A.F.L. merger partner CIO
Antagonist in ‘The Year Without a Santa Claus’ HEATMISER
ATM maker bought by AT&T in 1991 NCR
Ax handles HAFTS
Bear, to Bernal OSO
Bela of horror films LUGOSI
Blew up BURST
Cable company alternative to streaming, for short VOD
Capital of Chad NDJAMENA
Charge for a spot ADFEE
CNN chief White House correspondent Acosta JIM
D.C. sort POL
Different ending? IAL
Difficult responsibility ONUS
Disinterested BORED
Dog noise ARF
Dress code loosening CASUALFRIDAY
First two words of some political yard signs YESON
Gp. once headed by Mueller and Comey FBI
Grammar concern USAGE
Honey ___ (Post cereal, as renamed in 2018) OHS
Interview goal JOB
It’s not what the P stands for in TP (unless the T is ‘two’?) PLY
Italian racecar BUGATTI
Light bite SNACK
Location of a nursery rhyme’s three men INATUB
Long-running role-playing video game franchise FINALFANTASY
Meeting outline AGENDA
Monopoly purchase (abbr.) UTIL
More sick, in old hip-hop slang, or … more sick, in general ILLER
Ocean liner’s route SEALANE
One generating a lot of interest LOANSHARK
One way to walk tall? STILTS
Org. that’s (supposed to be) concerned with pollution EPA
Overly muscular BUFF
Parker Jr. of the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme song RAY
Patient waiter BIDER
Place to go play OUTSIDE
Private eye, informally TEC
Provided party music DJED
Pulitzer-winning San Francisco columnist Herb CAEN
Pyromaniac’s crime ARSON
Reddish-brown wood MAHOGANY
Remove, to a proofreader DELE
Retract, as regrettable words UNSAY
Running in neutral IDLE
Science writer Flatow IRA
Show with Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester GLEE
Sleeve tattoo locale ARM
Some meat alternatives TOFUS
St. George’s state UTAH
Suffix after tera- or peta- BYTE
Sydney suburb, or a California-based car-sharing rental company RYDE
Take to the skies FLY
Tests the depths PLUMBS
Trivia magazine started in 2001 MENTALFLOSS
TV alien with a reboot announced in August 2018 (as found in the long answers) ALF
Ultravox frontman Midge URE
Waste time frolicking, old-style FRIVOL
Without toppings PLAIN
___ in ‘Oscar’ OAS
___ pro nobis ORA
___ the side of caution ERRON
___-Caps (movie candy) SNO
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