Family Time – August 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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Family Time Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Aug 13 2018 

Clues Answers
“Have a nice ___!” DAY
“Spare me!” e.g PLEA
“Stop that!” at sea BELAY
100 percent ALL
500 sheets of paper REAM
A nibble TASTE
Adam’s mate EVE
Back on the water? AFT
Believer DEIST
Bifocal LENS
Church song HYMN
Clash of clans FEUD
College overseer DEAN
Cookie favorite OREO
Corned beef ___ HASH
Cut, as prices SLASH
Diva’s solo ARIA
Drained of color ASHY
Edible stalk CELERY
Fare-___-well THEE
Fishing ___ ROD
Floor material LINOLEUM
Frequently, old-style OFT
Fruit with nectar PEAR
Furthermore ALSO
Fuss, to Shakespeare ADO
Get prone LIE
Great review RAVE
Hawaiian neckpiece LEI
Hip-hop RAP
Hours and minutes TIME
In the past FORMERLY
Irritable EDGY
It has a supporting role LEG
Memory size BYTE
Newspaper page OPED
Not in danger SAFE
Not near AFAR
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Participated in a race RAN
Place for a horse STALL
Potent potable ALE
Prefix with “trust” ANTI
Prisoners CONS
Realtor’s word SOLD
Release from a leash FREE
Rural pasture LEA
Scream YELL
Security for a debt LIEN
Shout out to CALL
Shredded cabbage (with “cole”) SLAW
Sleepy behavior YAWN
Some jeans LEES
Spoils taker LOOTER
Suffix with real ISM
Thing worn with a suit TIE
To and ___ FRO
Trampled TROD
Try 58-Across EAT
U-turn from young OLD
Used money SPENT
Vibrant color RED
Vicinity AREA
Visualize SEE
Went on a donkey’s back RODE
Young stallion COLT
___ and pepper SALT
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