Family Time – August 12 2018 Crossword Answers

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Family Time Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Aug 12 2018 

Clues Answers
“And besides …” ALSO
“___ off to see the wizard” WERE
Amusement park attraction RIDE
Anatomical eggs OVA
Be tilted LEAN
Beach gull TERN
Become exhausted TIRE
Beverage in a bag? TEA
Bread, for gravy SOP
Cross one’s heart SWEAR
Cube with pips DIE
Dander or fury IRE
Dermatologist’s case ACNE
Draw an outline of TRACE
Enthusiastic style ELAN
Farm field unit ACRE
Fertilizer from bats GUANO
Fond du ___, Wisconsin LAC
Give nourishment to FEED
Give off, as light EMIT
Good thing to obey LAW
Have lasting pain ACHE
Have multiple birthdays AGE
Health resort SPA
High mountain ALP
Huge waterway SEA
Impulse URGE
In ___ of (substituting for) LIEU
Kinda white gem OPAL
Knock on wood RAP
Louisiana cooking pod OKRA
Love, to Pierre AMOUR
Make a strong statement AVER
Mischievous glance LEER
Obtained GOT
Opposite of give TAKE
Package securer TAPE
Paper measure REAM
Part of a foot INCH
Person in charge BOSS
Place for pig slop TROUGH
Polar or brown BEAR
Powerful zoo creature APE
Rain hard TEEM
Reproductive cell OVUM
Ring, as a heavy bell PEAL
Rope-pulling contest (3 words) TUGOFWAR
Royal ball ORB
Run ___ of (conflict with) AFOUL
Shower alternative BATH
Simpleton DOLT
Soccer score GOAL
Solo, often in Italian ARIA
State firmly AVOW
Stuff to put in computers DATA
Teeny mischief maker IMP
Ten-cent piece DIME
Time period ERA
To and ___ FRO
Toy brand LEGO
Under covers for the night ABED
Was ahead of everyone LED
What a voter casts BALLOT
Where many become man and wife ALTAR
___ Gables, Florida CORAL
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