Family Time – Aug 5 2018 Crossword Answers

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Family Time Crossword Puzzle Solutions – August 5 2018 

Clues Answers
“Star ___” (TV show) TREK
“Therefore …” ERGO
“___ time to go” ITS
“___ whiz!” GEE
Ardent AVID
Attic LOFT
Back of a barge AFT
Band outing GIG
Boat pusher OAR
Bob in-and-out WEAVE
Buffalo relatives BISON
Burst ___ the scene ONTO
Cattle rancher’s animals STOCK
Charged particle ION
Correct, as a short story EDIT
Definite article THE
Drink cooler ICE
Easily upset EDGY
Eggs, in science labs OVA
Expensive opera box LOGE
Extremely dry, as land ARID
Eye part IRIS
Fishing spot in Scotland LOCH
Flat hat in Scotland TAM
Flow out rapidly GUSH
Fold in pants CREASE
Folded over, as a page DOGEARED
Ginger ___ ALE
Go wild in the streets RIOT
Huge potato container SACK
Lamb’s mother EWE
Large part of history ERA
League of nations BLOC
Let go, as territory CEDE
Make cupcakes BAKE
Maneuver TACTIC
Mississippi River area DELTA
Money outside the U.S EURO
Oracle SEER
Out of work, for now IDLE
Pained look MOUE
Part of a foot HEEL
Pay rate for working WAGE
Pick up LIFT
Place for a kiss CHEEK
Put to good ___ USE
Relative after marriage INLAW
Restaurant’s list of food MENU
Road or roof goo TAR
Scurrying rodent RAT
Seek an answer ASK
Sell in the bleachers VEND
Skin decoration, for short TAT
Strong preference BIAS
That lady over there HER
The “A” in B.A ARTS
Thing before gamma BETA
Thought IDEA
Type of microscope ELECTRON
U-turn from difficulty EASE
Use one’s fingers FEEL
Warble SING
Was introduced to MET
Wasn’t truthful LIED
Whirling water EDDY
___ Tac (breath mint) TIC
___ vera (lotion ingredient) ALOE
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