Jonesin’ – July 31 2018 Crossword Answers

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Jonesin’ Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jul 31 2018 

Clues Answers
‘And Still I Rise’ poet ANGELOU
‘Cakes and ___’ (W. Somerset Maugham book) ALE
‘Decorates’ a house on Halloween, perhaps TPS
‘It’s ___ to the finish’ ARACE
‘Oh, crud!’ DARNIT
‘See next page’ abbr CONTD
‘There ___ there there’ (Gertrude Stein comment on Oakland) ISNO
‘Westworld’ character ___ Hughes ELSIE
1960s campus protest gp. restarted in 2006 SDS
1990s point-and-click puzzle game MYST
Amorphous amounts GOBS
Back burner location STOVE
Beau and Jeff, to Lloyd Bridges SONS
Bengal beast TIGER
Bluegrass artist Krauss ALISON
Body shop challenge DENT
Chekov portrayer on ‘Star Trek’ KOENIG
Chops into cubes DICES
Close END
Dog breeders’ org AKC
El ___, Texas PASO
Elan VIM
Equilibrium situations STASES
Ewe in the movie ‘Babe’ MAA
Foe of Othello IAGO
Generic NONAME
Go around TURN
Go to the mat, slangily RASSLE
Got a hold of, maybe PHONED
Grocery sign phrase that’s grammatically questionable ORLESS
Intensely eager AGOG
Irish-born children’s book author Colfer EOIN
It looks like 2 in binary TEN
Jim Carrey title role, with ‘The’ CABLEGUY
Larry, e.g STOOGE
Math proof ending QED
Message on a tablet, maybe? EMAIL
Metallic mix ALLOY
Milan-based fashion label PRADA
Mr. Potato Head pieces NOSES
New Orleans-to-Miami dir ESE
Null’s companion VOID
Number in a Roman pickup? LII
Part-time Arizona resident, perhaps SNOWBIRD
Pioneering video game systems ATARIS
Provoke RILE
Purchases designed to last a long time DURABLEGOODS
Put-___ (shams) ONS
Sawyer’s friend FINN
Seaweed plant ALGA
She played one of the ‘Golden Girls’ ESTELLEGETTY
Shelve indefinitely TABLE
Shipboard direction ASTERN
Singer-songwriter Rita with the middle name Sahatçiu ORA
Some light beers PILSNERS
Sounding like a complete ass? BRAYING
Spoil ROT
Stella ___ (Belgian beer) ARTOIS
Steve of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ AGEE
Take advantage of room, or demonstrate what four themed Down answers do? STRETCHYOURLEGS
Tax pro CPA
Tootsie Roll Pop biter, in a classic ad OWL
Ulnae’s neighbors RADII
Uniform preceder? TANGO
Unknown, as a citation (abbr.) ANON
Upper limit CEILING
Vacation vehicles RENTALS
Withdrawal site ATM
Word after blessed or catered EVENT
Xenon, e.g NOBLEGAS
___ bag DOGGIE
___ Locks (Sault Ste. Marie waterway) SOO
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