The Chronicle of Higher Education – July 20 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jul 20 2018 

Clues Answers
‘… three men in ___’ ATUB
‘Fresh Air’ airer NPR
‘Nice for What’ rapper DRAKE
‘Take heed, ___ summer comes …’: Shak ERE
‘Th’___ she blows!’ (headline opener for a Washington Post review of the opera ‘Moby-Dick’) ARIA
‘___-ching!’ CHA
1950s White House moniker IKE
Athlete with a discus, e.g THROWER
Attend GOTO
B&B guests, e.g BOARDERS
Beginning trumpeter’s sound BLAT
Bit of change in Minsk RUBLE
Bitter element of tea and wine TANNIN
Cambodian bread? RIELS
Chaney of horror films LON
Cheesy basketball legend? COLBYBRYANT
Cheesy imp in the Brothers Grimm? RUMPELSTILTON
Cheesy prime minister of England? ANTHONYEDAM
Cheesy Pushkin play? BORISGOUDANOV
Cheesy written argument? LEGALBRIE
Circumnavigating journalist of 1889-90 BLY
City SSW of Nanjing WUHU
Clandestine group CELL
Cream soup with mussels BILLIBI
Cry convulsively SOB
Defence Against the Dark ___ (Hogwarts class) ARTS
Diamond wearer in ‘Copacabana’ RICO
Divinity-school subj REL
Double-curve molding OGEE
Eatery with many buckets KFC
Elimination-rhyme starter EENIE
Ending with dull or drunk ARD
Facing a judge ONTRIAL
Female bacchanalians MAENADS
Final Four matchup SEMI
Fountain fish KOI
Gallivanted showily (around) SWANNED
Govt. pharma watchdog FDA
Hail in Rio de Janeiro OLA
Hitherto ASYET
Inch along laterally SIDLE
It’s extended on some trucks CAB
Jordanian majority ARABS
Landmark on the Toronto skyline CNTOWER
Like some cats or beans CALICO
Loan sharks USURERS
Lobster habitats SEABEDS
Love handles, essentially FLAB
One in a golfer’s pocketful TEE
Org. with the Vegas Golden Knights NHL
PIN requester ATM
Pore in a leaf STOMA
Proceeds smoothly FLOWS
Read quickly SCAN
Room for storing cookware SCULLERY
Royal Norwegian Order of St. ___ OLAV
Solvent in paint thinner ACETONE
Some promgoers: Abbr SRS
State where Ann Landers was born IOWA
Stored away, as farm fodder ENSILED
Suffix with refuse NIK
Tacks on ADDS
Tranquil rustic tableau IDYLL
Turbaned guru, perhaps SIKH
Unfamiliar NOVEL
What may be powdered in the morning? DONUT
Whatsoever ATALL
When rights may be prohibited ONRED
Witch’s blemish WART
Woolly mama EWE
Yellow-blossoming trees widespread in Europe LINDENS
___ and terminer (criminal court) OYER
___ Spiegel (Hamburg-based magazine) DER
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