The Chronicle of Higher Education – July 6 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Crossword Puzzle Solutions – July 6 2018 

Clues Answers
‘More or less’ ISH
‘Suh-weet!’ RAD
‘___ of the King’ (Tennyson cycle) IDYLLS
‘___-ching!’ CHA
90 degrees for 1, in trig class ARCSIN
A catalyst might be introduced to it REACTANT
Barista bottlefuls SYRUPS
Big ATM manufacturer NCR
Bright star in the Southern Hemisphere ANTARES
Bygone speedster across the Atlantic, briefly SST
Cane ___ (invasive species in Australia) TOAD
Catch the edge of GRAZE
Caught SEEN
Children’s author Lowry LOIS
Chimp who orbited the earth in 1961 ENOS
Co. of auditors CPAFIRM
County on the English Channel SUSSEX
Coupon for a free box of Uncle Ben’s? TICKETTORICE
Cranky state SNIT
Crouches (down) HUNKERS
Curried entree VINDALOO
Duma vote NYET
Experiment with before wide implementation PILOT
Expresser of poetic condolences? SYMPATHYBARD
Formicide’s target ANT
Goes all in COMMITS
Halliwell aka Ginger Spice GERI
Hard to catch SLY
Hardly inclined (to) LOATH
Internet connection offerer since 2000? EHARMONY
Junk-bond rating CCC
La saison chaude ETE
Like ‘She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain’: Abbr TRAD
Like guyliner, stylistically EMO
Lincoln ___, former Rhode Island senator and governor CHAFEE
Lisbon conversation starter OLA
Lounging spots with fizzy beverages close at hand? SODABEDS
Mail-order giant that toughened its famous returns policy in 2018 LLBEAN
Mo. for NCAA cross-country nationals NOV
More chilling EERIER
National park in the Canadian Rockies BANFF
News flash that a patient has revived? COMAOVER
Novelist with two protagonists named simply K. and Josef K FRANZKAFKA
NYC sch. that locked out its faculty in 2016 LIU
NYC’s Major Deegan, e.g HWY
Pins and needles, e.g TOOLS
Project still in development, say EMBRYO
Rightful DUE
Roman goddess of night NOX
Secretarial pool? CABINET
Silver restraint REIN
Single-story elevator factory, say IRONY
Small notes, slangily ABES
Some mail for eds MSS
Some practice runners, briefly DRS
Sound of one in a rush WHOOSH
Splits … or stays together? CLEAVES
Squad cmdr SGT
Steinway rival YAMAHA
Student who nearly has a doctoral degree: Abbr ABD
Sued party in a legal case: Abbr RESP
Suez Canal ship OILER
Sycophants’ chorus YESES
The movie title ‘Shanghai Noon,’ e.g PUN
The New Yorker ‘mascot’ Eustace Tilley, for one FOP
Trivia-night site PUB
Tropical tuber TARO
Visit in throngs INUNDATE
Wasn’t straight with LIEDTO
What 18, 25, 54 and 64 Across represent GRADEINFLATION
What a tournament’s dark horse often lacks SEED
What rolls in Tuscaloosa? TIDE
When many lunch hrs. end ONEPM
Windbreaker material NYLON
Word before button or attack PANIC
Yankee manager between Showalter and Girardi TORRE
___-Caps (theater candy) SNO
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