Family Time – July 1 2018 Crossword Answers

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Family Time Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jul 1 2018

Clues Answers
“Be it ___ so humble Г%82…” EVER
“Do ___ others as you would …” UNTO
“If you ___ now …” ACT
“That hurts!” OUCH
100 cents, in France EURO
500-sheet unit of paper REAM
Amateur’s antonym PRO
Any song from the ’50s OLDIE
Bacteria-growing gel AGAR
Bag handler REDCAP
Biological identifying letters DNA
Boar’s home STY
Boat front PROW
Bring into law ENACT
By word of mouth ORAL
Calendar number DATE
Cheerios grain OAT
Chinese cooking pan WOK
Collector’s collection ART
Colored portion of the eye IRIS
Comstock deposit LODE
Country with a pop. of 325 million USA
Danger PERIL
Disputed matter ISSUE
Eject, as molten lava SPEW
Emanating glow AURA
Engage, as gears MESH
Enter a pool DIVE
Flat-bottomed rowboat DORY
Flow back out to the sea EBB
Formerly, to a poet ERE
Ginger ____ (cookie) SNAP
Go over one’s accounting AUDIT
Grass patch SOD
Grassy field LEA
Have a lasting pain ACHE
Have regrets about RUE
Human airbag? LUNG
Icky puddle GOO
Keeper of sheep HERDSMAN
Kind of tea ICED
Knitting stuff YARN
Miner’s find ORE
Mobile device PHONE
Mother Teresa was one NUN
New Year’s song title starter AULD
NYC section (2 words) EASTSIDE
One of the Bridges clan BEAU
Organ of hearing EAR
Owner’s certificate DEED
Part of a crossword CLUE
Primary color in photography CYAN
Product of the mind IDEA
Rodent-catching cat MOUSER
Sailor’s “yes” AYE
Secluded valley GLEN
Shotgun sound BANG
Simple EASY
Smell horribly REEK
Tenure TERM
Thing to sail SEA
Type of citrus fruit UGLI
Type of shady tree ELM
Vegetable or chicken noodle, for example SOUP
Water whirl EDDY
Way to be married? NEWLY
___ A Sketch ETCH
___-tac-toe TIC


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