Jonesin’ – June 26 2018 Crossword Answers

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Jonesin’ Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 26 2018 

Clues Answers
’99 Luftballons’ singer NENA
‘Everything’s being handled’ IMONIT
‘I love,’ in Spanish AMO
‘Pretty sneaky, ___’ (Connect Four ad line) SIS
1980s ‘Lovergirl’ singer TEENAMARIE
2007 Stephen Colbert bestseller subtitled ‘(And So Can You!)’ IAMAMERICA
2014 hashtag campaign against gun violence NOTONEMORE
Act theatrically EMOTE
Add vitamins to ENRICH
Bakery fixture OVEN
Barker succeeded by Carey BOB
Baseball stats RBIS
Basmati, e.g RICE
Big-box store with a meandering path IKEA
Business bigwig EXEC
Camera brand that merged with Minolta KONICA
Chinese philosopher ___-tzu LAO
Chuck Barris’s prop GONG
Cleopatra’s nemesis ASP
Cookie with a ‘Thins’ version OREO
Delphic prophet SIBYL
Dir. from Providence to Boston NNE
Dory helped find him NEMO
Drink that needs a blender SMOOTHIE
Drink with legs WINE
Erato’s instrument LYRE
Exercised caution TOOKCARE
Feature of some roller coasters CORKSCREW
Game with eagles and albatrosses GOLF
Go for ___ (do some nature walking) AHIKE
Grammy winner Twain SHANIA
Indicate POINTAT
Inventor Whitney ELI
Islands, in Italian ISOLE
It looks like it contains alcohol, but doesn’t MOCKTAIL
It’s sometimes used in making feta cheese GOATSMILK
Just ___ (a little under) SHYOF
Kind of history or hygiene ORAL
Kool-Aid Man’s catchphrase OHYEAH
Lag from a satellite broadcast, e.g TIMEDELAY
Last Oldsmobile model produced ALERO
Latin phrase usually abbreviated IDEST
Old pressing tools FLATIRONS
One who might get top billing LEADACTOR
Overflow TEEM
PepsiCo product, slangily DEW
Pet sound? MEW
Ride before ride-sharing TAXI
Sea west of Estonia BALTIC
Signs of healing SCARS
Singer Del Rey LANA
Singer/actress Kristin with the memoir ‘A Little Bit Wicked’ CHENOWETH
Sitarist Shankar RAVI
Some Congressional votes NAYS
Sophia and family LORENS
Step on the gas FLOORIT
Sycophants YESMEN
Take in EAT
Targets of pseudoscientific ‘cleanses’ TOXINS
They’re said verbatim EXACTWORDS
They’ve already seen it coming PSYCHICS
Thompson of ‘SNL’ KENAN
Train stop (abbr.) STN
Treebeard, for one ENT
Tubular pasta PENNE
Two-tiered rowing vessel BIREME
Type used for emphasis ITALICS
Vehement ARDENT
Western watering hole SALOON
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