Family Time – June 25 2018 Crossword Answers

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Family Time Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 25 2018 

Clues Answers
“Faster! Faster!” (2 words) GOGO
“For shame!” (2 words) TUTTUT
“Whenever” ANYTIME
Abbey denizen MONK
Accounting write-off (2 words) BADDEBT
Acrobatic flip SOMERSAULT
Adage or proverb BYWORD
Attempt to win over WOO
Awfully dreadful ABYSMAL
Bit of a watery whirl EDDY
Bit of hope? RAY
Bone in the chest RIB
Burial building TOMB
Burning proof ASH
Candied tuber YAM
Carpet buyer’s calculation AREA
Chowed down ATE
Computer image ICON
Debatable, as a point MOOT
Debonair JAUNTY
Deepen, as a canal DREDGE
Dirt street ROAD
Dog’s sharp cry YELP
Driver of beasts of burden MULETEER
Dutch nation HOLLAND
Emulate a tree pruner LOP
Enticing store sign SALE
Equipment GEAR
Exercise on a mat YOGA
Feeling of compassion PATHOS
Formerly, to a poet ERE
Grassy field for cows and sheep LEA
Hearing organ EAR
Highway traveler AUTO
Hill climber ANT
January birthstone GARNET
Like an empty cupboard BARE
Likelihood ratio ODDS
Lumber material WOOD
Miscellaneous mix OLIO
Nimble and quick SPRY
Offered a seat to a lady STOOD
On-off connector AND
One card? ACE
Opposite of bought SOLD
Opposite of tight LOOSE
Oxen joiner YOKE
Plaque or trophy AWARD
Popular tree ELM
Psyche component EGO
Reveal secrets BLAB
Some time ___ AGO
Spaghetti topper MEATBALL
Sweet Kentucky Derby drink JULEP
Symbol of being married RING
Uncompromising ones HARDLINERS
Under covers ABED
Walk heavily PLOD
With a frozen cover ICY
Woodwind called “an ill wind” OBOE
Wrinkly citrus UGLI
___ liver oil COD
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