Jonesin’ – June 19 2018 Crossword Answers

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Jonesin’ Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 19 2018

Clues Answers
‘Archer’ agent Kane LANA
‘Atomic Blonde’ star Charlize THERON
‘Blue screen of death’ event CRASH
‘Don’t pick me’ NOTIT
‘I surrender!’ UNCLE
‘Lay It Down’ ’80s rockers RATT
‘So ___ to the guy …’ ISAID
2018 Oscar winner for Original Screenplay GETOUT
5-Down costar Lil ___ Howery REL
Actress Summer of ‘Firefly’ GLAU
Addresses represented by URLs IPS
Ann Landers’s sister ABBY
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
Baby bear owned by a hardware company? STANLEYCUB
Be aware of unnecessary chatter? MINDTHEGAB
Be effusive GUSH
Beirut’s country LEBANON
Bent pipe shape ELL
Big name in car racks THULE
Bouncer’s letters? NSF
Bus. major’s course ECON
Charity event BENEFIT
Coffee dispenser URN
Company with an early console ATARI
Cookout unit GRILL
David ___, founder and former CEO of Salon TALBOT
Drew’s predecessor on ‘The Price is Right’ BOB
Ending for hip or dump STER
Feline CATTY
Financial record, for short ACCT
First word of a counting rhyme EENIE
Four-letter word with eight sides? STOP
Free of slack TAUT
Got together TEAMEDUP
Grammy winner Carey MARIAH
Guinea-___ (West African nation) BISSAU
Gyro meat from a roadside cart? STREETLAMB
Half an M? ARCH
Hindu spiritual guide GURU
Honda subdivision ACURA
Israel’s first U.N. delegate Abba EBAN
Knitter’s coil SKEIN
L.B.J. biographer Robert CARO
Like some mushrooms, ravioli, and wontons a la ‘Rangoon’? FULLOFCRAB
Lowdown INFO
New restaurant logo in a June 2018 promotion (and inspiration for the theme answers) IHOB
Nos. on checks AMTS
Not like in the least HATE
Original Skittles flavor LIME
Owns HAS
Part of DVD DISC
Pisces follower ARIES
Powdered green tea leaves MATCHA
Prefix with phobia or bat ACRO
Prolific author Asimov ISAAC
Rapper ___ Uzi Vert LIL
Really fail LAYANEGG
Recede gradually EBB
Redeemable ticket RAINCHECK
Reef makeup CORAL
Roswell visitors, for short ETS
Run out, as a subscription LAPSE
Seagoing (abbr.) NAUT
Seat in Parliament? BUM
Seat of the Dutch government, with ‘The’ HAGUE
Sidesplitting show RIOT
Singer with the autobiography ‘Out of Sync’ LANCEBASS
Soybean stuff TOFU
Sports car engine type TURBO
Stick in the microwave REHEAT
The Tritons of the NCAA UCSD
There are 10 million in a joule ERGS
Thomas who drew Santa Claus NAST
Three-part vacuum tube TRIODE
Words after call or hail ACAB
___ the last minute INAT
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