Jonesin’ – June 12 2018 Crossword Answers

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Jonesin’ Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 12 2018 

Clues Answers
‘Hurry up!,’ in Spanish ANDALE
‘No ___ luck!’ SUCH
‘Toy Story’ kid ANDY
‘___ or it didn’t happen!’ PICS
‘___! Cherry-O’ (kids’ board game) HIHO
-y, pluralized IES
Airport runway TARMAC
Altar-ed statement? IDO
Alveolus, e.g SAC
Animal in two constellations URSA
Backside before a fall? PRAT
Basement apartment resident at 123 Sesame Street ERNIE
Be nomadic ROAM
Bobby Flay’s milieu GRILL
Boxing Day baby, astrologically CAPRICORN
Came up AROSE
Carmaker Ransom OLDS
Certain Winter Olympics squad, as spelled in some countries BOBSLEIGHTEAM
Charismatic glow AURA
Cholesterol drug with the generic version Simvastatin ZOCOR
City between Jacksonville and Tampa OCALA
City with a Witch Museum SALEM
Compare pros and cons WEIGHTHEODDS
Corvette roof option TTOP
Crankcase component for engine fluids OILPAN
Defunct newspaper from North Carolina’s state capital RALEIGHTIMES
Die spots PIPS
Directional suffix ERN
Distorted WRY
Easy swimming target, slangily SHARKBAIT
Exclamation often misspelled with the second letter at the end WHOA
Eye-related OCULAR
Get a little froggy? CROAK
Greek column style IONIC
Group in the pit BAND
Having as a goal ASPIRINGTO
He brought the frankincense GASPAR
Hub traffic circle ROTARY
Intuition HUNCH
Italian lawn bowling BOCCI
Leb. neighbor SYR
Make a present presentable? WRAP
Mental concoction IDEA
Midpoint, for short CTR
Minor argument SPAT
Music collection often stored in a tower CDS
One-eighty UTURN
Part of MPG PER
Pays off BRIBES
Pencil end ERASER
Philosopher’s suffix ISM
Pied ___ (‘Silicon Valley’ company) PIPER
Place to change before swimming CABANA
Put a halt to STOP
Reverberation ECHO
Robotic factory piece ARM
Seasonal employee TEMP
Shade HUE
Show starter OPENINGACT
Sky-blue shades AZURES
Startled sound EEK
Storyteller with morals AESOP
Tender spots SORES
The great outdoors NATURE
Took a load off SAT
Try to buy BIDON
Undeserved reputation BADRAP
Water nymph, in mythology NAIAD
Word before paper or metal SCRAP
Work at a grocery store, perhaps BAG
Yew, for example TREE
You, to Shakespeare THOU
___ el hanout (North African spice mix) RAS
___ it up YUK
___ Jacinto SAN
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