The Chronicle of Higher Education – May 11 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 11 2018 

Clues Answers
‘Argo’ Oscar nominee ALANARKIN
‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ setting DEPRESSIONERA
‘That was a close shave!’ PHEW
‘The Miser and His Gold,’ e.g FABLE
‘Your turn,’ to a walkie-talkie user OVER
‘___ my doubts’ IHAVE
‘___ Sides Now’ (Joni Mitchell classic) BOTH
1974 pension-guarding law, briefly ERISA
2007 Alicia Keys album ASIAM
36 Across mishap SNAG
About to collapse, perhaps TEETERING
Admissions interviewer, often ALUM
Airer of the ‘Sharknado’ series of TV movies SYFY
Area of interest SPHERE
Big name in power tools STIHL
Bird on Canada’s dollar coin LOON
Bit in a playbill BIO
Certain Wall St. maneuvers LBOS
City on Lake Erie TOLEDO
Coeur d’___, Idaho ALENE
Cognizant AWARE
Collage application PASTE
Commercial prefix with -matic or -gram INSTA
Conniving SLY
Contents of Pandora’s box ILLS
Denmark’s ___ Islands FAROE
Desert steeds ARABS
Doublet and ___ (Elizabethan costume) HOSE
Evolutionary intermediate APEMAN
Fiona voicer in the ‘Shrek’ franchise DIAZ
Gateway Arch designer Saarinen EERO
Gen.’s seagoing counterpart ADM
Go off script ADLIB
Hamlet’s ‘To be,’ e.g IAMB
Harbinger OMEN
Lagoon encloser ATOLL
Morale-weakening activities, in military shorthand PSYOPS
Normandy’s ___ Saint-Michel MONT
Outcome of many a Tinder connection DATE
Pearl Harbor locale OAHU
Period of space-shuttle radio silence EARTHREENTRY
Pop group with a backward letter in its logo ABBA
Present opener? OMNI
Puss in Boots voicer in the ‘Shrek’ franchise BANDERAS
Ramble ROVE
Return from a climb in the Alps? ECHO
River to the Caspian URAL
San Diego State athlete AZTEC
Sch. with an annual Mystery Hunt MIT
Short and sweet, e.g.: Abbr ADJS
Sidestepped EVADED
Skeptic’s mantra, maybe THATWONTWORK
Smucker’s brand JIF
Sound of the surf ROAR
Still rumpled, as a bed UNMADE
Streamlined, informally AERO
Suggest otherwise about BELIE
Swiss name in graph theory EULER
Tests for pros on the DL, perhaps MRIS
Text-scanning tech OCR
Throw out water BAIL
Time since Christ, datewise YEAROFOURLORD
Tree valued for its long-burning firewood BEECH
Twain on the radio SHANIA
Undermine ERODE
Unit of memory BYTE
Way off AFAR
Went sightseeing TOURED
Westernmost body of land east of the International Date Line ATTU
When both hands point up ATMIDDAY
Wolfish expression LEER
___ Trinket (‘The Hunger Games’ chaperone) EFFIE
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