Jonesin’ – May 15 2018 Crossword Answers

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Jonesin’ Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 15 2018 

Clues Answers
‘Hey, how’s it going?’ WASSUP
‘Mr. Blue Sky’ band ELO
‘Not ___ out of you!’ APEEP
‘Respect for Acting’ author Hagen UTA
‘Silas ___’ (George Eliot novel) MARNER
‘Ye ___ Shoppe’ OLDE
‘Z’ director Costa-___ GAVRAS
‘___ quam videri’ (North Carolina’s motto) ESSE
2001 Nintendo video game with a really thin premise? PAPERMARIO
Advertising promos of sorts TIEINS
Article from France UNE
Astronomer Johannes KEPLER
Balance EVENUP
Be sympathetic RELATE
Bed frame piece SLAT
Box office event SHOW
British isle that sounds like a number AIT
Business reps AGTS
Cal ___ Resort & Casino (Lake Tahoe property once co-owned by Frank Sinatra) NEVA
Channel with ‘Wheel of Fortune’ repeats GSN
Chips go-with SALSA
Chute opening? PARA
Collaborative website WIKI
Come back after renovation REOPEN
Direct relatives, slangily FAM
Dot on a state map TOWN
Dusting item RAG
Email that gets filtered SPAM
Ending of many nonprofit URLs DOTORG
Expansive WIDE
Facilitate EASE
Finnish Olympic runner Nurmi PAAVO
Guy with an eponymous scheme PONZI
Holed, as a putt SANK
Impassioned ARDENT
It might be hammered out DENT
It’s a real grind at dinner? PEPPERMILL
Jason who plays Aquaman MOMOA
Like fine whiskeys AGED
Lines at the checkout? UPCS
Lion lairs DENS
Long-handled farm tool HOE
Mailing centers, for short GPOS
Make do, with ‘out’ EKE
March middle IDES
Minigolf motion STROKE
Mushroom in miso soup ENOKI
Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford, e.g SUPERMODEL
Nissan SUV named for a suburb of Venice MURANO
Not as many FEWER
Old voting machine part LEVER
Ominous sight in shark movies FIN
Opposite of old, in German NEU
Pasture mom EWE
Pet lizard IGUANA
Place to extract some chalcopyrite COPPERMINE
Possesses OWNS
Practiced PLIED
Primus frontman Claypool LES
Pt. of PST STD
Relieve RID
Scheme PLOT
Sci-fi royal LEIA
Sign-___ (farewells) OFFS
Sprung up GREW
Star-___ mole NOSED
Start of many Quebec place names STE
State tree of North Dakota ELM
Swashbuckler who left his initial as a mark ZORRO
Tiger Woods’s ex Nordegren ELIN
Took to the couch SAT
Tooth material ENAMEL
Top of the corporate ladder UPPERMANAGEMENT
Top quality AONE
Up and about ALIVE
Wireless company named after a Finnish city NOKIA
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