Jonesin’ – May 1 2018 Crossword Answers

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Jonesin’ Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 1 2018 

Clues Answers
Fur Elise key AMINOR
‘I love,’ in Latin AMO
‘La ___ Bonita’ (Madonna song) ISLA
‘Pioneer Woman’ cookbook writer Drummond REE
‘The Name of the Rose’ novelist Umberto ECO
‘The Sound of Music’ character behaving badly? KNAVEMARIA
‘Wyatt ___’s Problem Areas’ (HBO show) CENAC
10-time Gold Glove winner Roberto ALOMAR
A long time out? COMA
Actor Paul of ‘Fun Mom Dinner’ RUDD
Actor Stephen of ‘V for Vendetta’ REA
Address in a browser bar URL
Attached, as a T-shirt decal IRONEDON
Barry once played by the late Harry Anderson DAVE
Be cranially self-aware? KNOWMYHEAD
Body part to ‘lend’ EAR
Boring DRAB
Boring HOHUM
Bronco scores, for short TDS
Cartoon voice legend Blanc MEL
Certain shopping area STRIPMALL
Change direction suddenly VEER
Consumer protection agcy BBB
Corvallis campus OSU
Cut (off) LOP
D.C. baseball player, for short NAT
Deep Blue creator IBM
Egg, biologically OVUM
Employ USE
Famed Roman fiddler, supposedly NERO
First of the Medicis to rule Florence COSIMO
First Olympic gymnast to receive a perfect 10 COMANECI
Flat-topped mountain MESA
Garden tool with a handle HOE
Gator tail? ADE
Grand ___ National Park, Wyoming TETON
Have ___ to pick ANIT
Hosp. triage areas ERS
Hue’s partner CRY
It may come down to this WIRE
Itinerary word VIA
Leave off the list OMIT
Mathematical sets of points LOCI
Menu option ITEM
Movie 1 for 007 DRNO
Multicolored cat CALICO
Newscaster Curry ANN
Number that’s neither prime nor composite ONE
Numeral suffix ETH
Observed NOTED
Ohio rubber hub AKRON
One way to travel from the airport BYCAB
Org. that licenses drivers DMV
Ousted from office UNSEATED
Pen name? BIC
Pipe material BRIAR
Plaintiff SUER
Pre-clause pause COMMA
Pre-release software version BETA
Principles of faith TENETS
Prohibit BAN
Quarter ___ (burger orders) POUNDERS
Some rock or jazz concert highlights DRUMSOLOS
Speck of dust MOTE
Spotted cat OCELOT
Springfield resident Disco ___ STU
Storage level ATTIC
Sycophant YESMAN
Tried and true PROVEN
Unexpected loss UPSET
Units of electrical resistance OHMS
Was human? ERRED
Why yarn is the wrong material to make an abacus? KNITDOESNTADDUP
Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan RACINE
Yankees nickname of the 2000s-2010s AROD
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