Mirror Cryptic – Mar 18 2018 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Transport favourite rug CARPET
Superman’s county? KENT
Raid carried out without water ARID
Trial or trade ORDEAL
Complain audibly at drink WINE
Leave out of room itself OMIT
Great penalty FINE
Grain of loathing OAT
Offence of losing SIN
Slow-moving birds OWLS
Lucid French river, say SANE
Advertise bung PLUG
Finish result off LUSTRE
Blessed with not as much LESS
Damn vermin RATS
Aversion to broken thread HATRED
Old coin for royal symbol CROWN
Prudence gets discourteous RUDE
Working a lot with new nail TALON
Fruit for a bird KIWI
Chief rioted unexpectedly EDITOR
Handle a nice surprise TREAT
Lame sort of dinner, say MEAL
Picture one prisoner ICON
At home, lust turned out to be slight INSULT
Endlessly peruse scrawl? Outstanding SUPER
Fail to honour Britons WELSH
Time to tear into fashion TREND
Sage cultivated for yonks AGES
Most arguments are about celebrity STAR
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