The Globe And Mail – 5 March 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Globe And Mail Crossword Puzzle Solutions – 5 Mar 2018 

Clues Answers
Allow LET
Appprove OKAY
Armature ROTOR
Atlas ref. MTS
Back muscle LAT
Bit of electricity ABAMP
Black cuckoo ANI
Book endings EPILOGUES
Born as NEE
Calendar refs. YRS
Crosby, for one SID
Dental abbr. ENAM
Distress sig. SOS
Edible lily bulb SEGO
Elem. for one SCH
End of today’s quote OFLIFE
Examine, in a way EYEBALL
Gullible one NAIF
Head to Henri TETE
In a pleasing way ADORABLY
Israeli port ELAT
Itin. entry ETA
Lobster lover’s chest protector BIB
Mauna ____ LOA
Merriment MIRTH
Middle European SLAV
Miracle ___ GRO
Mirth GLEE
Myanmar BURMA
Of, in Orleans DE
Old Oiler Tikkanen ESA
Old Pontiac auto. GTO
Onassis, to pals ARI
Organic compound PHENOL
Part 1 and part 3 of today’s quote NEVER
Part 2 of today’s quote APOLOGISE
Part 4 of today’s quote EXPLAIN
Part 5 of today’s quote THATS
Part 6 of today’s quote MYGUIDING
Part 7 of today’s quote RULE
Paunch GUT
Plant part AXIL
Precious stone GEM
Pulmonary dis. TB
Roman 52 LII
Romanian city IASI
Sat. preceder FRI
Scan EYE
Sch. for one ELEM
Sick ILL
Stringed instrument, breezily UKE
Suffolk’s bleat MAA
Taiwanese AMOYS
The _____ (Major leagues, slangily) BIGS
Transparent gem SAPPHIRE
Treaure Island author’s monogram RLS
TV comedian, Johnson ARTE
Two or more eras AEON
Tyke TAD
Victims PREYS
Word following nose CONE
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