The Globe And Mail – 26 February 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Globe And Mail Crossword Puzzle Solutions – 26 Feb 2018 

Clues Answers
____ de grace COUP
A way of diving SCUBA
Accent mark ACUTE
Alberta town CONSORT
And the rest ETAL
Appendage LIMB
Approves, informally OKS
Arabian oil cartel (abbr.) OPEC
Bean genre SOY
British Columbia mountain CONNELL
British school ETON
Charged particle ION
Circle segment ARC
Comment intrusively, in Canaan KIBITZ
Con job SCAM
Concerning the ear OTIC
Czech river ELBE
Death notice OBIT
Deuce TWO
Don’t ____ beat all! THAT
Drones HUMS
Drunkard SOT
Elton or Winston preceder SIR
French city METZ
Go to one’s knees KNEEL
Hand or boss trailer IER
Hosp. facility ICU
Hot cross or cinnamon BUN
Hurricane feature EYE
Imitate APE
In ____ (wholly) TOTO
Info to come TBA
Jewish calendar month ELUL
Little, in Las Animas POCO
Lover boy CASANOVA
Male offspring SON
Meadows LEAS
Metric weight TONNE
Mine entrance ADIT
Mother of pearl NACRE
Newfoundland community CONCHE
One of the muses CLIO
Ontario town CONISTON
Place in Alberta CONKLIN
Place in New Brunswick CONNOR
Plant part AWN
Possesses HAS
Prefix for mass or tech BIO
Prefix for nazi or colonial NEO
Purchase BUY
Representation ICON
Saskatchewn hamlet CONSUL
Set of rules CODE
Similar AKIN
Stringed instrument, slangily UKE
Suffer defeat LOSE
Sunder RIVE
The dawn SUNRISE
Told you so! AHA
Treasured early auto REO
Undivided entity UNIT
Utmost NTH
Woodwind instrument OBOE
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