The Chronicle of Higher Education – February 23 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Feb 23 2018 

Clues Answers
‘Holy smokes!’ TOAD
‘Maine Coast’ painter Winslow EEO
‘The hottest spot north of Havana,’ in song COPA
‘___ homo’ ECCE
‘___ little teapot, short and stout’ HYDRA
16 Across, e.g., to an Italian ISOLA
2002 Winter Olympics venue, briefly SLC
Allowed membership by ACCEPTEDINTO
Apology opener MEA
Attired CLAD
Avoidance of wild speculation? SOUNDINVESTMENT
Barbecue application RUB
Barely touch, on a billiard table KISS
Bear witness (to) ATTEST
Bejeweled topper TIARA
Better half, perhaps THEMRS
Birthplace of LeBron James AKRON
Close on the screen GLENN
Cramped quarters, colloquially SARDINECAN
Deficit indicator STAG
Demonstrator’s phrase LIKESO
Diet successfully, per some infomercial claims REDINK
Discharge EMIT
Drumming vocalizer of the outback AAA
Elysium SASE
Emphatically WASP
Entranced RAPT
Explain away, with ‘over’ GLOSS
Fair-hiring letters HAE
Fencing blades ROAN
Furnish with essentials LHASA
Glasgow’s ‘own’ EDS
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Had a home-cooked meal DINEDIN
Ike’s WWII command ETO
International fusion restaurant chain NOBU
It’s rattled metaphorically SABER
Kicks off STARTS
Kind of loan with no employment check STATEDINCOME
London area abutting Mayfair TRES
Marco Rubio or Bernie Sanders, e.g TSA
Marriott competitor EPEES
Minimum-range tides NEAPS
Money changers, briefly? EQUIP
Monster in the second labor of Hercules OHSO
Napoleon foe Alexander I, e.g TSAR
Nintendo console debuted in 2012 IMA
No dreamboat OMNI
Not marked by levity LEADINS
Not the std. spelling VAR
Noted mausoleum site AGRA
Obsolescent PC component CRT
Occupant of a dangling nest, maybe SENSE
One-fifth of ‘Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May’ IAMB
Org. issuing traveler’s checks? EMU
Possible tool in videoconferencing SOHO
Postpaid encl WOW
Preambles SKYPE
Prediction from the cockpit, for short ETA
Producer of the Jacksons? ATM
Protein-building molecule RNA
Remote battery, often SOLEMN
Revered SACRED
Rush at STORM
Sloth and wrath, for two CARDINALSINS
Soldier of Seoul ROK
Some court gear … or what solvers must do in order to fill in six squares in this puzzle? EDEN
Staples Center hockey team KINGS
Two-mile-high Asian capital SQUASHRACKETS
Undated? HOMER
Unwilling to budge ADAMANT
Westernmost of the Aleutians ATTU
Woman in ‘I’ve Been Working on the Railroad’ DINAH
___ leches cake (quinceañera dessert) WIIU
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