The Chronicle of Higher Education – February 16 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Feb 16 2018 

Clues Answers
‘… keen and ___, as a fine-nosed hound’: Wordsworth EAGER
‘Cross my heart!’ NOLIE
‘Gilligan’s Island’ abode HUT
‘I’ve ___ Be Me’ GOTTA
‘The Blacklist’ airer NBCTV
‘Your table is ready’ device, often PAGER
Abbr. at the top of a memo ATTN
Ancient text written in alternating directions, later suggested by 21, 37 and 48 Across BOUSTROPHEDON
Approves OKAYS
As accompaniment ALONG
Author entombed near Chaucer in 1599, thus creating Westminster Abbey’s Poets’ Corner SPENSER
Award for whodunits EDGAR
Basic skating jump TOELOOP
Bk. chronicling the plagues of Egypt EXOD
Blunder SLIP
Board game in which pieces proceed in a 64 Across pattern SNAKESANDLADDERS
Boiling point? STOVE
Cannoli filling base RICOTTA
Cards in 75 Across, e.g TRIO
Changes dramatically, as a gene MUTATES
Chrome alternative FIREFOX
Citi Field predecessor SHEA
Coat of paint? SMOCK
Colorful Nestlé candy typically with two flavors to a box NERDS
Come in second, maybe PLACE
Common spot for a sunburn NAPE
Dirección from Acapulco to Oaxaca ESTE
George Takei’s ‘Star Trek’ role SULU
Green prefix ECO
Hunted for pearls, maybe DIVED
Identified as off-limits TABOOED
Impressionist APER
In accordance with PER
Jaunty piano piece RAG
Java servers URNS
Junior in the Football Hall of Fame SEAU
Kimono securers OBIS
L.A. Phil., e.g ORCH
La Scala shout calling for an encore BIS
Leaves the stage EXITS
Mantra syllables OMS
Many a defensive hockey maneuver CHECK
Marble collection? STATUARY
Messes up BLOWSIT
Nasty cut GASH
Night to watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Abbr THU
Noisy computer peripheral that used a 64 Across pattern DOTMATRIXPRINTER
One of the back forty ACRE
Open to bribery VENAL
Operating system developed at Bell Labs UNIX
Outdoor chore often done in a 64 Across pattern MOWINGTHELAWN
Permissive SOFT
Pitching-staff leader ACE
Plowing team referenced in the Greek etymology of 64 Across OXEN
Popinjay FOP
Prince played by Eddie Murphy in ‘Coming to America’ AKEEM
Rainforest Cafe and Planet Hollywood each have one THEME
Refuel GASUP
Saying ‘g’day,’ for example ELIDING
Score marks prescribing repeats SEGNI
Scuffle SCRAP
Send flying HURL
Setting where you might get stout ALEHOUSE
Shares an email with, briefly CCS
Short person’s pledge? IOU
Sidewalk scam MONTE
Site of the Munch Museum OSLO
Sonora flora CACTI
Sooner OKIE
South Asian capital where Arthur C. Clarke is buried COLOMBO
Sozzled LIT
Summer hrs. in Malibu PDT
Talks a blue streak NATTERS
Tintinnabulate CLANG
Tip collector for many buskers HAT
Tirade RANT
Unit of baby formula OUNCE
Up for debate ATISSUE
You may be told to button it LIP
Zamboni’s milieu ICE
___ Cooper MINI
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