The Chronicle of Higher Education – February 9 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education – Feb 9 2018 



‘Heidi’ author Johanna SPYRI
‘Meet the Press’ guest, briefly POL
‘Sometimes you feel like ___ …’ ANUT
‘Such great news!’ IMGLAD
Altogether INTOTO
Angkor ___ (Cambodian temple) WAT
Annoyed one’s neighbors at a concert, maybe SANGALONG
Article of faith DOGMA
Arty town near the Santa Fe Trail TAOS
Bar shelfmate of Dos Equis TECATE
Biker’s kerchief, say DORAG
Contacted via 1 Across, maybe IMED
Cowherd’s stray DOGIE
Cream, e.g TRIO
Croquet area LAWN
Demented smith in 1939’s ‘Son of Frankenstein’ YGOR
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Dojo needs MATS
Draft category ONEA
Ecuadorean province named for a precious natural resource ELORO
Ed heard in ‘Up’ ASNER
Emulate Louis Armstrong, in a way SCAT
Episode marked by hyperventilation, often PANICATTACK
Exams for future G.P.’s MCATS
FaceTime alternative SKYPE
Flair ELAN
Follows persistently DOGS
Foot faults? CORNS
Ford in a 2008 Clint Eastwood movie TORINO
Glide on powder SKI
Grab bag OLIO
Groundbreaking tool? HOE
Help one’s fellow man, e.g DOGOOD
How Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic ALONE
Jeff of ‘Taxi’ fame CONAWAY
Lacto-___ vegetarian OVO
Letter between Delta and Foxtrot ECHO
Like many a choir member ROBED
Loaf on the job DOGIT
Magistrate of old Venice DOGE
Magnates TYCOONS
Make a new hole REDIG
Money-eating projects BOONDOGGLES
Musical with Skimbleshanks CATS
Novelist Mario Vargas ___ LLOSA
Offended HURT
Old PC monitors CRTS
One who makes ‘bath time lots of fun,’ in a classic ‘Sesame Street’ lyric DUCKIE
Panna or terra follower COTTA
Perched on ATOP
Pigmented eye layers UVEAS
Postdelivery handout CIGAR
Prefix with -logical IDEO
Prior to today, Shakespeare-style ERENOW
Procter & Gamble dental brand ORALB
Queens or Brooklyn, informally BORO
Ready to run home, say ONBASE
Receiving little rainfall ARID
Remark to the audience, maybe ASIDE
Royalty symbol of ancient Egypt ASP
Sermon’s end? ETTE
Shelter near a campfire TENT
Sicilian hot spot ETNA
Site of a 1796 Napoleonic victory in Italy LODI
Strike comedy gold, perhaps GETALAUGH
Sty calls OINKS
Trevor known for directing 28 Down NUNN
Two-thirds of dodeca- OCTO
Unit in many drug busts KILO
Unlovely trumpet notes BLATS
Vertically striped African antelopes NYALAS
Walk heavily PLOD
What Siri runs on IOS
Word with ready or shy CAMERA
Yawner DRAG
Yemen’s capital SANAA
___ contendere (court plea) NOLO
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