The Chronicle of Higher Education – January 19 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jan 19 2018

Clues Answers
‘Brandenburg Concertos’ composer BACH
‘Delish!’ YUM
‘Drat!’ NERTS
‘Masked’ scavenger RACCOON
‘No more procrastinating!’ GETATIT
‘Rosemary’s Baby’ circle (spoiler alert!) SATANICCULT
Actress Gasteyer ANA
Ancient dweller on the Caspian Sea MEDE
Arrests HALTS
Attic-dwelling TV alien MORK
Authority figure at une école MAITRE
Baldness makes it unsafe TIRE
Be relevant to BEARON
Bigrams on display in this puzzle’s five longest answers CCS
Brian of glam rock ENO
California county containing Ojai and Thousand Oaks VENTURA
Chops finely MINCES
Cold-climate cryptid YETI
Cylinder on a rural skyline SILO
Entertains lavishly REGALES
Eye layer containing the iris UVEA
Floor cleaner, informally VAC
Flying up front? AER
Gift for many a PBS donor TOTE
Images representing gamers AVATARS
Indian flatbread ROTI
Indiana NBA squad PACERS
Inverse trig function ARCCOSINE
Issue a ticket to CITE
John Irving title character GARP
Karaoke equipment, briefly MICS
Kid-___ (fare for tots) VID
Lake south of an international Peace Bridge ERIE
Loads on 35 Across ORES
Longoria or Perón EVA
Lord’s Prayer starter, in Lourdes NOTRE
Mine conveyances TRAMS
Nashville, to many MUSICCITY
Nine-digit ID SSN
Norse mariner Leif ERICSON
Not in earnest, in a way IRONIC
NOW cause defeated in 1982 ERA
One sharing the top spot, for short COCHAMP
Place that might have pools and courts, familiarly RECCENTER
Pollen is produced in them SACS
Prepare to leave again, say REPACK
Private dining room? MESS
Protagonist in hard-boiled fiction GUMSHOE
Puts a coat on, of a sort PAINTS
Ride furnisher in a 1968 Steppenwolf hit MAGICCARPET
Road curve ESS
Sanctuary OASIS
Shoulder-to-shoulder ABREAST
Siding material VINYL
Skin-care brand pitched by Jennifer Aniston AVEENO
Slugger with a 1956 Triple Crown MANTLE
Stem the flow of STANCH
Stick in a book MATCH
Students once volunteered to clap them ERASERS
Submission ENTRY
Swell, in 1990s slang PHAT
Takes out DELETES
Topaz or emerald, e.g GEM
Try to go unnoticed, in a way TIPTOE
Unspoiled IDYLLIC
What sovereigns occupy THRONES
Where Hercule Poirot was aboard the Karnak NILE
WWII arena ETO
Year in Augustus’s reign ONEBC
Zilch NIL
___ chi (exercise regimen) TAI
___ Speedwagon REO
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