The Chronicle of Higher Education – January 12 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jan 12 2018 

Clues Answers
‘Carthage must be destroyed’ proclaimer CATO
‘This can’t be happening!’ OHNO
‘___ Habe Genug’ (Bach cantata) ICH
Agape, maybe AWED
Ankara money LIRAS
Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Boor,’ e.g ONEACT
Atmospheric layer that absorbs ultraviolet rays OZONE
Be a couch potato VEGETATE
Brand associated with Phoenix shampoo and conditioner for men AXE
Brand once hawked (and modeled) by Dan Marino ISOTONER
Brat’s specialty? INSOLENCE
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Checking out EYING
Critical number for 15 Across TWO
Cutlass automaker OLDS
Delivery in the Canadian Parliament building? ONTARIOORATION
Dora the Explorer, e.g LATINA
Dyson rival HOOVER
Elisabeth of ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ SHUE
Exclamatory commercial suffix ORAMA
Expanse once part of Genghis Khan’s realm GOBI
Five-star reviews RAVES
Football commentator Cross and others IRVS
Former home for Mr. Met SHEA
Gleeful cry in Granada ARRIBA
Govt. cryptanalysis org NSA
Grandson of Methuselah NOAH
Grounds for expulsion from Capitol Hill? SENATORTREASON
Hit with an elbow in a crowd, say JOSTLED
How corn is usually planted INROWS
Huit + trois ONZE
In apple-pie order TIDY
Iranian city holy to Shia Islam QOM
Large mus. ensemble ORCH
Law-enforcement shocker TASER
Like the 1 Across VAST
Lofty abode AERIE
Malcolm X eulogist Davis OSSIE
Mex. misses SRTAS
Mideastern land that has banned political parties OMAN
Nile avian IBIS
Obsessed FIXATED
P-like letters on sorority sweaters RHOS
Part of a golf club or tennis racket GRIP
Perk in a hotel upgrade VIEW
Priestly robe ALB
Principal werewolf character in ‘Twilight’ JACOB
R&B singer with the platinum single ‘Miss Independent’ NEYO
Ring in a throwing game QUOIT
Saves to watch later, in a way TIVOS
Simple, indivisible entity MONAD
Soldier at Gallipoli ANZAC
Some paparazzi gear, for short SLRS
Spigoted vessel, often URN
Spirits in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ OUZO
Statistician Silver NATE
Stop being in denial about, say FACE
Stop flowing, as traffic SNARL
Strict STERN
Subject to voiding, as a driver’s license REVOCABLE
Tag line for print ads about Firebirds or GTOs? PONTIACCAPTION
Tax auditor’s intermediate deg., maybe MACC
They might make blinking painful STYES
Trompe l’___ (art illusion) OEIL
Warship warrant officer, familiarly BOSN
What a barrister hangs? ENGLISHSHINGLE
When shadows are shortest NOON
Whittles (down) PARES
Whodunit suspect, perhaps HEIR
___ law (circuitry concept) OHMS
___-relief BAS
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