The Chronicle of Higher Education – December 15 2017 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Dec 15 2017

Clues Answers
‘Madam Secretary’ network CBS
‘Okey-___!’ DOKE
‘Sorry, no seats left’ sign SRO
‘___ pig’s eye!’ INA
Alfred who wrote ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ UHRY
Allergic reaction, maybe ACHOO
Alley conversion SPARE
Apprised of UPON
Asian takeout meal BENTO
Authority to decide SAYSO
Caddie’s calculation: Abbr YDS
Capital in which 11 Across was often an all-day event EDO
Carne ___ ASADA
Cutting-edge LATEST
Divine overseers of rising and setting SUNGODS
Eclipse shadow UMBRA
Ensure the failure of DOOM
Get under the skin of VEX
Give the heave-ho AXE
Griffin or manticore, e.g BEAST
Id component URGE
Impersonated POSEDAS
Impetuous HASTY
In medias ___ RES
Indulge the munchies EAT
Kentucky or Indiana on a Monopoly board: Abbr AVE
Kuwait or Abu Dhabi, e.g EMIRATE
Like Horatio Hornblower’s career NAVAL
Like the smell of burned rubber ACRID
Lowly worker PEON
Mane modifiers HAIRDYES
Many an inhabitant of the Lake Victoria basin TANZANIAN
Marina del ___, California REY
Masked drama NOH
Message left on a hotline, perhaps TIP
Mexican marinades ADOBOS
Mideastern country with a dagger on its flag OMAN
Name on expensive faces? ROLEX
Nonprofit’s URL ending ORG
Oft-pickled pod OKRA
One with shaving cream in his Christmas stocking, maybe DAD
Opt against a Chinese-language course? DUCKMANDARIN
Palindromically named busman on ‘The Simpsons’ OTTO
Photog.’s blowup ENL
Pie ___ mode ALA
Plain as day OVERT
Prefix with didacticism AUTO
Provide sudden stimulus for Justin Trudeau’s country? GOOSECANADA
R&D site, often INST
Reprimand vehemently, with ‘out’ REAM
Robin Cook book of 1977 COMA
Sampras rival AGASSI
Sch. at West Point USMA
Science periodical since 1869 NATURE
Seasoned swabbies OLDSALTS
Seed for flavoring soft drinks KOLANUT
Selectric typewriters, e.g IBMS
Small unit in typing? BLOODCELL
Some 24-hr. breakfast places IHOPS
Spinning toy TOP
Suggest ‘Use your Prime account to watch ‘Mozart in the Jungle’?’ PARROTAMAZON
Sweeping camera move PAN
Swimming-pool meas LGTH
Syllables in drill cadences HUPS
Terrier in silver-screen whodunits ASTA
Thickener in ice cream AGAR
Vital KEY
Water balloons, usually AMMO
Wee bit o’ Glenfiddich, maybe DRAM
What an emoji often indicates MOOD
What this puzzle may be accused of doing? BIRDMOCKING
When ‘SNL’ ends in NYC ONEAM
Whiz PRO
Works black magic on HEXES
WWII labor camp GULAG
You may watch it from a box OPERA
Zippo NIL
___-pop (Depeche Mode subgenre) SYNTH
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