The Chronicle of Higher Education – December 8 2017 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Dec 8 2017 

Clues Answers
‘Childhood Is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies,’ e.g POEM
‘Doctor Zhivago’ director David LEAN
‘In the same place,’ in footnotes IBID
‘It was too good to be true’ lead-in, maybe ALAS
‘That’s show ___!’ BIZ
‘___ a Song Go Out of My Heart’ (Duke Ellington classic) ILET
33 Across builder NOAH
Arsenal foe CHELSEA
Baby marsupial JOEY
Be under the weather AIL
Big name in sewing machines since 1862 PFAFF
Black-tie affairs GALAS
Briefcase fastener HASP
Candle-factory safety rule? DONTGETINTHEWAX
Cell transmitting impulses NEURON
Change places, as in a volleyball game ROTATE
Choir attire ROBES
Co-worker of Alice and Flo at Mel’s Diner VERA
Co. that bought The Huffington Post in 2011 AOL
Conclusion after a difficult decision ITSBEST
Couple leaving divorce court? FRESHPAIROFEXES
Craving THIRST
Curled-up Angora kitten, e.g PUFFBALL
D-Day fleet LSTS
Day-of-the-week modifier, at times NEXT
Deceptive excuse PRETEXT
Department or river of eastern France AIN
Designate TAP
Diving-meet coups TENS
Encounters no resistance SAILS
Famous flood refuge ARK
Feud faction CLAN
Generic liquor-cabinet item? BRANDXSNIFTER
Gorp consumer HIKER
Grandeur MAJESTY
Gyro bread PITA
Hold dear PRIZE
Hollywood family name in an A&E paranormal reality show LOWE
Home-theater centerpiece HDTV
How fish may be packed INICE
Inanimate feathered flier DART
Issue, perhaps SONS
Like long, hot days ESTIVAL
Like Mini Coopers BOXY
Low-ranking GIs PVTS
Makeover-show denouement REVEAL
Member of a Dominican baseball fraternity ALOU
More picayune PETTIER
Muslim pilgrimage HADJ
Natural soother ALOE
Nonsensical INANE
Not split STAY
Noted flag-raising site, for short IWO
Outlying postal rtes RFDS
Palette feature HOLE
Part of an Adirondack chair SLAT
Pseudonymous Dickens illustrator PHIZ
Rapunzel’s prison TOWER
Results of a vote on weapon preference by medieval warriors? THEAXESHAVEIT
School of Buddhism ZEN
Shortly, in Shakespeare ANON
Slices of history ERAS
Superlative for Wally in ‘Dilbert’ IDLEST
The ‘E’ in QED ERAT
Think of suddenly, as a solution HITON
Turndowns NOS
University in Nassau County, New York ADELPHI
Verizon’s onetime in-flight calling aid AIRFONE
Wheel turner AXLE
Zeniths APICES
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