The Chronicle of Higher Education – December 1 2017 Crossword Answers

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The Chronicle of Higher Education – Dec 1 2017  

Clues Answers
‘Cabaret’ Oscar winner JOELGREY
‘Christ Stopped at ___’ (Carlo Levi book) EBOLI
‘Come again?’ sounds EHS
‘Des Knaben Wunderhorn’ composer MAHLER
‘Good Behavior’ channel TNT
‘Here’s something interesting …’ FYI
‘Let There Be Rock’ band ACDC
‘Say it ain’t so!’ OHNO
‘Ulalume’ poet POE
‘___ directed’ USEAS
… commissioned by 7 Down .. AND
… intent on 10 Down CLARK
1975 David Bowie chart-topper FAME
A/C meas BTU
Ancient public square AGORA
Archangel in ‘Paradise Lost’ URIEL
Boldly going where no one has gone before BLAZINGTHETRAIL
Brass or pewter, e.g ALLOY
Cameo shape OVAL
Carpet alternative LINOLEUM
Caviar source BELUGA
Chucklehead TWIT
City dubbed ‘The Gateway to the West’ STLOUISMISSOURI
Corner-office occupant, often BOSS
Cost for time or space, in a way ADFEE
Didn’t miss, as a putt SANK
Exam for a future cross-examiner, for short LSAT
Expeditionaries who set off near 4 Down .. LEWIS
Farmyard mother SOW
Fix one’s eyes STARE
Follow, in detective mode TAIL
Gravitation consideration MASS
Harbinger of spring, for many ROBIN
Hebrides native GAEL
Home of the Stern School of Business, briefly NYU
Important blood line AORTA
King Herod in Strauss’s ‘Salome,’ e.g TENOR
Lancelot in ‘First Knight,’ for 31 Down ROLE
Legal hearing OYER
Low digits TOES
Make an impression in one’s field? PLOW
Manhattan Project setting LOSALAMOS
Miller’s need GRIST
Missal storage site PEW
Negotiators might reach one IMPASSE
Nixed, at NASA NOGO
Omar of ‘House’ EPPS
Org. with statistics on aces PGA
Ova there in the water? ROE
People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 1999 GERE
President who notably walked to and from his inauguration ceremony THOMASJEFFERSON
Rhyming nickname for a ribald BBC sitcom ABFAB
Shortly ANON
Showy tropical plant CANNA
Side against OPPOSE
Sister of Helios and Selene, in myth EOS
South American prairie LLANO
Stat for Clayton Kershaw ERA
Stealthy attacker NINJA
Stephen Colbert forte IRONY
Stimulate better economic output, in a way REFLATE
Strong suggestion for a brat? DIJON
Substituting for INLIEUOF
They evoke many mysteries ROSARIES
Unfettered LOOSED
Verbalized ORAL
Wear a long face MOPE
What doughnuts are often sold in DOZENS
Word after home or front PAGE
___ Constitution USS
___ generis (unique) SUI
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