The Chronicle of Higher Education – November 3 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘Fifth Beatle’ Sutcliffe STU
‘None for me, thanks’ IPASS
‘Saved by the Bell’ actress ___-Amber Thiessen TIFFANI
‘___ Como Va’ (Santana hit) OYE
Absorb, as a financial loss EAT
Boost the entertainment value of, say ENLIVEN
Brigham Young University athlete COUGAR
Burnt ___ (Crayola color) SIENNA
Casablanca-to-Algiers dir ENE
Cheech or Chong persona STONER
Cleanup hitters, usually RBIMEN
Cocktail-party spread PATE
Colorful blooms shaped like funnels PETUNIAS
Deg. held by Woodrow Wilson PHD
Design expert who thinks about navigation MASTER
Does some intricate scheming WEAVESA
Draw forth EDUCE
Duck features FEET
Duracell designation AAA
Fedora-sporting movie adventurer, familiarly INDY
Genesis shepherd ABEL
Gold, in Guadalupe ORO
Half-moon tide NEAP
Handles for trolls NOMSDE
Having to rob Peter to pay Paul, maybe INDEBT
Hits are a measure of it TRAFFIC
In order, to Brits SORTED
Instrument on Ireland’s coat of arms HARP
It’s attached to most juice boxes STRAW
Just for Men, e.g DYE
Lecture setting HALL
Like some tea leaves READ
Listing ATILT
Little hammerhead, e.g SHARKPUP
Madre’s brother TIO
Malia, to Sasha SIS
Many a Durban native ZULU
Clues Answers
Mocks through mimicry APES
Monogram components: Abbr LTRS
Move like a hummingbird FLIT
Muscle below a delt LAT
Ninth-century Holy Roman emperor LOTHAIR
NYC cathedral facing Rockefeller Center, informally STPATS
Ones in clerical work? PRIESTS
Online haven for many shady dealings … or a clue to seven other answers adjacent to three consecutive black squares THEDARK
Org. involved in Deflategate NFL
Org. with the Ryder Cup PGA
Outback avian EMU
Patrolling route BEAT
Phileas Fogg’s 80 DAYS
Piece of good advice HELPFULHINT
Portmanteau applicable to Khan Academy UCATION
Predator-and-prey cycle FOOD
Previously, in wedding news NEE
Ready to be driven TEED
Rebuke from the betrayed ETTU
Ropemaking fiber SISAL
Rub elbows (with) HOBNOB
Slippery swimmers EELS
Southwestern gulch ARROYO
Spikes in a thru-hiker’s gear TENTPEGS
Stalling syllables ERS
Taxi alternative UBER
Temporarily formed, in a way ADHOC
There-square link ORBE
They may get tips about dealers NARCS
Title simian in a Ronald Reagan film BONZO
Two-masted ships of yore BRIGANTINES
Undulation RIPPLE
Uproar ADO
Western business ___ (Model U.N. standard) ATTIRE
Without stumbling, say FLUENTLY
Yukfest RIOT
___ Duncan (Obama cabinet member) ARNE
___ equivalent (measure of explosive strength) TNT
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