The Chronicle of Higher Education – October 27 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘Forget it!’ IWONT
‘Jumanji’ actress who would go on to star in 2006’s ‘Marie Antoinette’ DUNST
‘Natural-born world-shaker’ played by Paul Newman LUCASJACKSON
‘The Sheltering ___’ (Paul Bowles novel) SKY
‘___ calling!’ AVON
A matter of payback? LOAN
Apt name for a gardener HERB
Athlete in goggles SKIER
Believer in a higher power THEIST
Benchmark at a hole PAR
Biddable MEEK
Blue Pac-Man ghost INKY
Boulevardier garnish LEMONPEEL
Broadband inits DSL
Budge in the Tennis Hall of Fame DON
Bygone days YORE
Car-collecting TV funnyman LENO
Center of an ancient Greek ‘enlightenment’ IONIA
Chaucer output TALES
Checkroom problem MIXUP
Clicking counters ABACI
Decides one will OPTSTO
Dieter’s order, perhaps SMALL
Do the trick WORK
Easy victory ROMP
Engagement enders? IDOS
Faculty-meeting presider, maybe DEAN
Foil’s heavier relative EPEE
Fraction of a newton DYNE
Garbage can and file folder, for two ICONS
Gold or silver source ORE
Gp. that includes Ecuador and Venezuela OPEC
How many Bob Newhart lines were delivered DRILY
Hunt in the wrong spot? POACH
In 1987 he said that the current generation had ‘a brain dressed up with nowhere to go’ LEARY
Informal voucher CHIT
Inner ears? COBS
It incorporates nage-waza throwing techniques JUDO
Clues Answers
It’s mainly carbon COAL
It’s mainly nitrogen AIR
Item measured in pennies NAIL
Jazz chanteuse Cassidy EVA
Jingle in the pocket ready for spending at the pub BEERMONEY
Kind of carnival show RAREE
Knee-ankle connector TIBIA
Like a disciplined debater, say ONTOPIC
Medium for temporary sculptures ICE
Nickname for 20 Across, and the title of a classic film released 50 years ago this November 1 COOLHANDLUKE
Not throwing strikes, say WILD
O.W.L.s, to Harry Potter EXAMS
Object inscribed with the Code of Hammurabi, e.g STELE
Part of the translation of ‘anno Domini’ OUR
Particle in quantum physics BOSON
Peerless ONLY
Period of riotous indulgence ORGY
Pizarro originally called it Ciudad de los Reyes LIMA
Places for retractable claws PAWS
Prefix denoting 10 to the ninth power GIGA
Prefix with -phyte EPI
Professorial ERUDITE
Public face PERSONA
Putterer in Bermuda MOPED
Say 10 Across WED
Sigma follower TAU
Slab strengthener REBAR
Snares with honda knots LASSOES
Squarely SPANG
Starter on a legal memo INRE
Stunning brand name? TASER
Tenure, maybe ERA
The M48 Patton and others TANKS
What 20 Across ‘joined’ after vandalizing parking meters PRISONROADGANG
What 20 Across ate 50 of on a bet HARDBOILEDEGGS
What a gatekeeper grants ENTRY
What some kids do to earn their allowance MOW
You can stand to lose it LAP
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