The Chronicle of Higher Education – October 20 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘Brokeback Mountain’ Oscar nominee HEATHLEDGER
‘Feeder’ for Oxford and Cambridge ETON
‘Good fences make good neighbors’ poem MEND
‘Kilroy ___ here’ WAS
‘Possessing what we still were unpossessed by’ poem THEGIFT
‘Rats!’ DANG
‘Silas Marner’ foundling EPPIE
‘The ability to describe others as they see themselves,’ per Abraham Lincoln TACT
‘The Princess Bride’ character ___ Montoya INIGO
‘Yet knowing how way leads on to way’ poem THEROAD
1998 buyer of Netscape AOL
Abbr. in a birth announcement LBS
Aboveboard ETHICAL
Announcer of a 15 Across: Abbr CAPT
Argument-ending letters QED
August REGAL
Big name in cough drops HALLS
Boomer’s gp., nowadays AARP
Canful under a chafing dish STERNO
Certain bottom line COLUMNTOTAL
Chart-topping Glenn Miller tune INTHEMOOD
Common thing to fib about AGE
Competitor of Spalding and Wilson VOIT
Conventioneer’s clip-on IDTAG
Crime in much insurance fraud ARSON
Dosage amt TSP
Dr. treating laryngitis ENT
Durable ribbed fabric SERGE
Exact retribution for AVENGE
Excited and then some AFIRE
Exile of 1979 headlines SHAH
Falstaff’s royal companion HAL
Goddess who rescued Odysseus INO
Gummed holder in a stamp album HINGE
Haggis necessity SUET
Hold fast ADHERE
Impart LEND
It’s crisp at Super Bowl parties HDTV
Clues Answers
JFK posting ETA
John McCain, notably EXPOW
Keep from falling, as trousers HIKEUP
Ladies of the lea? EWES
Mamie Eisenhower ___ Doud NEE
Mao ___-tung TSE
Mark as significant FLAG
Material in mortars and pestles AGATE
McGregor of ‘Moulin Rouge!’ EWAN
Monarch in Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ informally QEII
Nongreen paper in a pot, say IOU
Old ‘Go from flat to fluffy’ shampoo PRELL
Opposite of post- ANTE
Pacific tuna AHI
Preschooler TOT
River near the Leaning Tower of Pisa ARNO
Runs with an easy gait LOPES
Scandalous APPALLING
See 1 Across HEAVE
Sierra Nevada, e.g ALE
Sled in a chute LUGE
Solar-wind particle ION
Something drawn on in a den OPIUMPIPE
Sound from a water cooler GLUG
Source of 24, 44 and 64 Across … or, with 9 Across, factor in pothole formation that’s a hint at the visual irregularities of those three entries FROST
Start of a verbal RSVP, maybe IPLANTO
Suffix with Caesar EAN
Support AID
Texter’s ‘That’s hysterical!’ ROFL
The Destroyer, in Hinduism SHIVA
This and that BOTH
Timid chuckle syllable HEE
To boot, quaintly WITHAL
Towel inscription HERS
Traveled on a 74 Across, e.g SPED
Twitch at the poker table, say TELL
Uris or Panetta LEON
Way to move docs. over a network FTP
___ Fridays TGI
___ gentry LANDED
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