The Chronicle of Higher Education – October 13 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘… you know the rest’ ETCETERA
‘Beauty and the Beast’ antagonist GASTON
‘Return of the Jedi’ Saturn Award winner HAMILL
‘___ who?’ SEZ
1978 R&B album whose title rhymes with the name of its highest-charting hit CESTCHIC
Amelia Earhart or Beryl Markham, e.g AVIATRIX
Bailout PC key ESC
Base for some French toast BRIOCHE
Brought into being SIRED
Cause of a tan line, perhaps BRA
Celestial peacock PAVO
Cereal that comes with a guarantee? CERTIFIEDCHEX
Chateau ___ Michelle (American winery) STE
Chillax VEG
Clothe oneself in DON
Codgers COOTS
Company known for using ‘surge pricing’ UBER
Crested bird-feeder visitor JAY
Crinkly fabric CREPE
Dallas hoopster, for short MAV
Diagnostic image, for short CTSCAN
Dole (out) METE
Down in the mouth GLUM
Fades EBBS
Focus of many May negotiations BREXIT
Fruit-filled German loaf STOLLEN
Get onto one’s fork, say SPEAR
Grandiloquent chronicles SAGAS
Hardly any FEW
Hepburn co-star in ‘The African Queen’ BOGART
Horrifying bagel accompaniment? DREADLOX
Lake Michigan herring ALEWIVES
Land of Blarney EIRE
Last-minute birthday recognitions, maybe ECARDS
Laura Bush’s alma mater, briefly SMU
Lotus-___ EATER
Clues Answers
Malay Archipelago island BORNEO
Mgr.’s underling ASST
Milkweed secretion LATEX
Narrow cut SLIT
Nativity-scene gift-bearers MAGI
Naval coolers BRIGS
No.-crunching pros CPAS
One of the Hardy Boys or the Jonas Brothers JOE
Oscar nominee Woodard ALFRE
Pac-12 athlete UTE
Paint-can instruction STIR
Peruvian songbird Sumac YMA
Photo blowups: Abbr ENLS
Poses a threat to MENACES
Prime vantage point at the theater BOXSEAT
Radiates EXUDES
Readily comprehensible LUCID
Rhyme scheme in a so-called ‘Rubáiyát stanza’ AABA
Road-trip guessing game ISPY
Rough guess STAB
Shakespeare’s Ariel, for one SPRITE
Shopworn STALE
Skedaddled RAN
Snide remark DIG
Some slot-machine pop-ups? CHERRYPIX
Tasseled topper FEZ
Think alike AGREE
Tiny sprouter SEEDLET
Waves away SHOOS
What military higher-ups pay the IRS? BRASSTAX
What some errant drivers have to get out of SANDTRAP
When the ‘Toreador Song’ is heard in ‘Carmen’ ACTII
Wonder-ous rejection? STEVIENIX
Yet, briefly THO
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