The Chronicle of Higher Education – Oct 6 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘Coffee, Tea ___?’ (faux tell-all of 1967) ORME
‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ playwright Brian FRIEL
‘Likely story!’ HAH
‘Listen to her whine’ car in a 1964 surf-rock hit GTO
‘Pygmalion’ opens with it PEE
‘Talking machine’ of yore VICTROLA
1983 Michael Keaton role-reversal comedy MRMOM
Alternative to LGL, on photocopier trays LTR
Assignations TRYSTS
Author of 1997’s posttrial ‘Without a Doubt’ KRALCAICRAM
Balkan homeland of Spartacus THRACE
Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman, by most accounts BIPED
Boisterous troublemakers HELLIONS
Breezed (through) SAILED
Cartoon supplier of dehydrated boulders, cactus costumes and iron bird seed ACME
Catchy musical phrase HOOK
Colorful mariachi garb, maybe SERAPES
Cry of relief near the end of the week TGIF
Dominant ALPHA
Eat minimally PICKAT
Eleven, in Ensenada ONCE
Eligible to vote, say OFAGE
Famous defender of Patty Hearst YELIABEELF
Fifth on a list of longest human bones ULNA
Folkie who ‘sang us into freedom,’ per Maya Angelou ODETTA
Fox MLB analyst since 2015 AROD
Furrow, as brows KNIT
Get pumped PSYCHUP
Getting counsel, colloquially … or what a solver of this puzzle is doing? PUGNIREYWAL
GI morale booster USO
Gives rise to SPAWNS
He’s concerned with his Scout’s honor HCNIFSUCITTA
Helmsman of the Enterprise SULU
Hold in high regard ESTEEM
How the surprised are taken ABACK
In possession of one’s marbles? SANE
Kingly address SIRE
Less generous MEANER
Like Goodwill goods USED
Loser of only three cases in a nine-year TV run NOSAMYRREP
Clues Answers
Low-carb-diet maven ATKINS
Macroeconomic prosperity indicator, briefly GNP
Made smooth, in the wood shop PLANED
Mark for life SCAR
MSNBC host Melber ARI
Must-haves NEEDS
Napkin’s place LAP
Noodge PEST
One of 110 in a ‘big parade’ of songdom CORNET
Org. with cabin-safety regulations FAA
Pencil remnant NUB
Prefix antithetical to eu- DYS
Prerevolution autocrat TSAR
Pretentious refinement CHICHI
Pub order PINT
Radiologist’s procedure, briefly CTSCAN
River crossing the France-Belgium border LYS
Security feature of some hotel-room doors EYEHOLE
Slender, light-footed woman SYLPH
Software for web-based schedule polling DOODLE
Sounds sheepish? BAAS
Starch from a tropical palm SAGO
State with confidence ASSERT
String on tiny batteries? AAA
Subj. for newcomers to America ESL
Synthetic fiber in early wash-and-wear dress shirts DACRON
Texter’s sign-off TTYL
The ten in ‘hang ten’ TOES
Thrifty rival AVIS
Tiddlywinks piece, e.g DISC
Two-dimensional game face? AVATAR
Vestment around a cleric’s neck STOLE
Water brand that is the title sponsor of the fifth LPGA major EVIAN
Way to storm off IRATELY
Wayfarer’s refuge INN
Whom Uncle Sam wants YOU
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