The Chronicle of Higher Education – September 29 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘… we ___ think of a wicked man alone with himself’: G.K. Chesterton DARENT
‘Beats me!’ DUNNO
‘Big Blue’ company IBM
‘Lettuce’ or ‘cabbage’ is slang for it CASH
‘Right in the kisser!’ preceder POW
‘The Oblong Box’ writer POE
‘We Need a Little Christmas’ singer MAME
‘___ Among the Scythians’ (Delacroix painting) OVID
1960s Packers quarterback Bratkowski ZEKE
2007 Alicia Keys chart-topper NOONE
Adjective for a baked Alaska DOMED
Alluringly disreputable LOUCHE
Arrangement of tesserae MOSAIC
Bishops, collectively EPISCOPATE
Blue feature of Stilton or Roquefort VEIN
Bovine singalong? MOOEDMUSIC
Cans or sacks FIRES
Caustic ___ SODA
City near Sacramento LODI
Coca-Cola founder Candler ASA
Count Basie trumpeter Jones THAD
Decorative jug EWER
Enthralled RAPT
Etonian’s pop PATER
Fanatical AVID
Feathered talker of Asian origin MYNA
Fitness model’s pride, informally BOD
Fly-swatting sound WHAP
Four decathlon events RACES
French city often cited as the cradle of Gregorian chant METZ
General impressions conveyed by sheep? BAAEDVIBES
Give away UNMASK
Give ___ for one’s money ARUN
Going along with OKING
Gps. often requiring referrals HMOS
He excommunicated Elizabeth I PIUSV
Iron-fisted Athenian lawgiver DRACO
John in Aberdeen IAIN
Clues Answers
Legs : fibulae :: arms : ___ ULNAE
Lingo CANT
Liqueur in some biscotti recipes ANISETTE
Make, as a basketball three-pointer SINK
Mayberry redhead OPIE
Milquetoast WIMP
No-win situation DRAW
Not busy IDLE
Novelist who created the sanitarium patient Mynheer Peeperkorn MANN
One of the Gabor sisters EVA
Online abbreviation for two cents? IMHO
Perfumer’s asset NOSE
Pet of Nick and Nora Charles ASTA
Salmon garnish, often DILL
Sanders who has been in both the World Series and the Super Bowl DEION
Scrape the bottom DREDGE
Set of moral values ETHIC
Sharpen WHET
Shout between ships AHOY
Site with a search engine called Cassini EBAY
Something you hope you have the balance for? UNPAIDBILL
South Dakota, to Pierre ETAT
Squander WASTE
Stratagem with a surprise pass PLAYFAKE
Subdue QUASH
Subj. covering cognitive dissonance PSY
Thing a nonconformist resists, maybe LABEL
Throw off schedule, say DELAY
Tie for a vaquero BOLO
Tooth, in Treviso DENTE
Trade gp. resulting from 1957’s Treaty of Rome EEC
Try to get a rise out of BAIT
Was a mole SPIED
What Fido did before–then after–the filling of his food dish? WHINEDANDDINED
What some ducks did to keep their plans secret? QUACKEDTHECODE
Windshield glare reducer TINT
Word with curve or captain BELL
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