The Chronicle of Higher Education – September 22 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘A Death in the Family’ author James AGEE
‘As I was going to St. ___ …’ IVES
‘I didn’t expect that!’ OHMY
‘Love Is a Hurtin’ Thing’ crooner Lou RAWLS
‘The chief function of the body is to carry the ___ around’: Thomas Edison BRAIN
‘The Umbrellas of Cherbourg’ co-star DENEUVE
2007 tennis-related play that marked a Broadway comeback for Angela Lansbury DEUCE
50% of moral indignation, per Vittorio De Sica ENVY
Alphabetize, e.g SORT
Award won by a documentary about volcanologists in Sicily? MTETNAEMMY
Brownish purple PUCE
Businesses with monthly memberships GYMS
CD-___ ROM
Classical musician behind the nonprofit Silkroad YOYOMA
Colonial college founded by Ben Franklin, informally PENN
Comedian Wright who said ‘I intend to live forever. So far, so good’ STEVEN
Commandeer GRAB
Cumberland Gap trailblazer BOONE
Demagnetize, possibly ERASE
Doxology word, often GLORIA
England’s Newcastle upon ___ TYNE
Feel below par AIL
First name of Tina Turner and Patty Duke at birth ANNA
Flimflam object DUPE
Florida senator who said ‘Donald Trump is not a Republican’ RUBIO
Give air kisses, say GREET
Harvard, when it’s hot? INVOGUEIVY
He sealed Solo in carbonite VADER
Hugging twosome ARMS
Italian city famous for its gingerbread-like ‘panforte’ SIENA
Kemo ___ SABE
Kindle Fire alternative IPAD
Lose concentration ZONEOUT
Love interest of Trinity in a film franchise NEO
Lyft competitor UBER
Moldavia or Armenia, once: Abbr SSR
Name-dropper’s shortcut? ETAL
Navy engineer who bellyaches about his job? CRYBABYSEABEE
Clues Answers
Nearly closed AJAR
No longer disheveled, say GROOMED
Noisy with activity ABUZZ
Noogie-giving ‘SNL’ nerd ___ DiLaMuca TODD
Nutty LOCO
Officer who busts Arlo for littering in ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ OBIE
Open wide GAPE
Place of warship? PIER
Porcine utterance OINK
Proportion RATIO
Reach the maximum PEAK
Record label for the Go-Go’s’ ‘Beauty and the Beat’ IRS
Reservations BUTS
Reverberated, as thunder ROLLED
Reviewer of books, briefly CPA
Save-the-theater animated film of 2016 SING
Single-mom sitcom of the 2000s REBA
Something expunged from a selfie with Photoshop ZIT
Sports gp. with the Dream and the Mystics WNBA
Spot on your screen TVAD
Squirt or Slice SODA
Staples package, perhaps REAM
State south of California, familiarly BAJA
Strummed instrument LYRE
Take a stab at TRY
Temple neighbor EAR
The ‘O’ in FAO Schwarz OTTO
The first one was convened in Chicago in 1905 ROTARYCLUB
Top-notch AONE
Underwater cave dweller EEL
Vessel included in the so-called ‘Plan Z’ UBOAT
Wad of tobacco PLUG
Wedding-reception hiree who hits on the bride? DONJUANDEEJAY
When Juliet asks ‘Wherefore art thou Romeo?’ ACTII
Where people tour the Ring of Kerry EIRE
Where the buffalo roam PRAIRIE
Wielder of the hammer Mjölnir THOR
Work with the second-highest total number of Metropolitan Opera performances AIDA
Writer who turned down an invitation to play the title role in 1962’s ‘Dr. No’ NOELCOWARD
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