Crossword Champ 27 November 2016 Crossword Answer

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Crossword Champ 11/27/2016 Crossword Puzzle Answer

Clues Answers
 Resting state REPOSE
_way (some freedom) LEE
Act out dramatically EMOTE
Agreeable answers YESES
And another thing ALSO
Be wholeheartedly devoted to ADORE
Besides that ELSE
Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide GASES
Coastal flyer TERN
Crushing reptile BOA
Delta corresponder DEE
Diego or Francisco starter SAN
Dirty old piece RAG
Dr Jekyll had a strange one CASE
Eg bosc FEAR
Eg cooking spray OIL
Fatty flesh FLAB
Filming of a scene again RETAKE
Fix damage MEND
For all time EVER
Frozen pellets HAIL
Garden for 12-across EDEN
Gibson or Brooks MEL
Golfer Ernie_ ELS
Gp that encourages parents participation PTA
Greek letter often used to denote angels PHI
Grp with a purpose ORG
Have fish ‘n’ chips say EAT
High range ALPS
Informal word for body art TAT
Initials of the president afflicted with polio FDR
Interested in a particular type of thing say ORIENTED
Island neckwear LEI
Juice in a tree SAP
Just about okay SOSO
Large shader ELM
Like a hoarse voice RASPY
Mail-carrying ship RMS
Not experienced NA?VE
One who puts money into a bank DEPOSITOR
Org for MDs AMA
Original husband ADAM
Quality full of possibilities POTENTIAL
Quite befitting APT
Random number generator DIE
Sixth sense for short ESP
So be it for prayers AMEN
Spider-Man to Peter Parker ALTEREGO
Spiritual or mental INNER
Spring time (abbr) APR
Statue’s stand PEDESTAL
Strips to attach SKIS
Suffix for feminine words ESS
They have high hems MINIS
Thing on a list say ITEM
Tiny spot of land in the sea ISLET
Unrelenting  STERN
Walking through a door ENTERING
Was not genuine PRETENDED
Wild anger RAGE
Wrinkle say LINE
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