The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 24 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 24 2022 Answers


  • A doctor owes me? Excellent! AWESOME
  • Discerned animal group's sound HEARD
  • Silent bird without bill TACIT
  • Volume of city traffic OMNIBUS
  • Floyd rang about six-footer DRAGONFLY
  • The Mafia Crowd? MOB
  • Total amount returned NET
  • Condemned cat in lair died DENOUNCED
  • Strange for vacuous elite to be productive FERTILE
  • New wife for Irish saint BRIDE
  • I'm impressed at being angry IRATE
  • Lie about honeyed wine as fruity quencher LIMEADE


  • Huge beast stood out in island MASTODON
  • Liking to write song PENCHANT
  • Start PC in Wellington? BOOT
  • Don't punish the French gentleman LETOFF
  • Sabotaged hunt okay? Much obliged THANKYOU
  • Personal ambition to store meat LAMB
  • Poster vacant doofus puts together ADDS
  • Laid down law: raid done badly ORDAINED
  • I'm aching to swim lake MICHIGAN
  • Pestered by stocky burrowing mammal? BADGERED
  • Lee and Ned worked in sewer? NEEDLE
  • Reasonable travel cost announced FAIR
  • Crowd noise is unrefined we hear ROAR
  • Little man invests million that's mine! BOMB
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