The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 19 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 19 2022 Answers


  • Clear-headed so bear releases American SOBER
  • One escapes pain and hunger in style PANACHE
  • Rich old girl to make bet? DOWAGER
  • Oversee church music CHAIR
  • Meat cooked twice for sports partner TEAMMATE
  • Man in Cambridge network GENE
  • Modest crater surrounding church DECENT
  • Saint moved tree in road STREET
  • Entirely boring DEAD
  • Cross the line in breaking finger INFRINGE
  • Dog slipping lead finds bird EAGLE
  • Sceptic a non-drinker he is inside ATHEIST
  • Answer is held by male in discomfort MALAISE
  • Artwork for King or Queen PIECE


  • Shortened see saw soothed SEDATED
  • Violin player to acknowledge applause BOW
  • Organise an army unit REGIMENT
  • Buccaneer puts rodent in baked dish PIRATE
  • Agreeable French city NICE
  • One to blend in drink with energy-packed fruit CHAMELEON
  • English lake strange and disturbing EERIE
  • Gabriel sees convert in headless man ARCHANGEL
  • Celebrities in high-speed transporter STARSHIP
  • Worry rook gets into the arts arena THEATRE
  • Railed audibly as trespassers do INVADE
  • Night vision? DREAM
  • Duke meets priest in food store DELI
  • Atomic energy yields diamonds ICE
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