The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 16 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 16 2022 Answers


  • Hard to be expelled from virtuous class CASTE
  • Mockery scars a wretched maiden SARCASM
  • Continuous let near resort ETERNAL
  • Boast new governing power CROWN
  • Take cod up to be cooked and filled PACKEDOUT
  • Blaze almost gets tree FIR
  • Digger by street causing bother MOLEST
  • Escape student in brawl FLIGHT
  • He's a rotter around daughter CAD
  • Minor star explodes to cause bad weather RAINSTORM
  • Tiredness seen in pupil regularly ENNUI
  • Relative by river seeks Spanish noble GRANDEE
  • Firm answer Hemingway accepts? EARNEST
  • Doctor joining European ship in black tie? DRESS


  • Sycophant to move slowly CREEP
  • Clients hammered cut-out design STENCIL
  • Man from drive-in restaurant turned up ERNIE
  • Pale pig devouring everything SALLOW
  • Article slammed performance RECITAL
  • Indian potato fine? Slightly off ALOOF
  • Raiment ripped in holy tower MINARET
  • The jungly mass one cleaves? MACHETE
  • South African rook to eat fish SARDINE
  • Ego dire corrected in northerner GEORDIE
  • Small insect beginning to tire MIDGET
  • Eatery some used in Erith DINER
  • Bad lads outside clubs causing injury SCALD
  • Convenes where beef and lamb discussed? MEETS
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