The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 13 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword June 13 2022 Answers


  • Margaret Hilda edging away: time for axe HATCHET
  • Large rabbit male in female group HAREM
  • Language almost dead cool LATIN
  • A supporter nursing broken leg in class ALGEBRA
  • Singer Robbie in Tennessee? WILLIAMS
  • Frenchman greatest boxer in country MALI
  • Menace that involves sappers THREAT
  • Frank inside with one staffer HONEST
  • One's witty greeting in post CARD
  • Settlement is involved COMPOUND
  • Large taxi overturned in river disaster DEBACLE
  • A moment to detain one good chum abroad AMIGO
  • Brown covers it for huge man TITAN
  • Following on is straightforward SINCERE


  • Fool Oscar but not Wilde? HALFWIT
  • Complete wreck TOTAL
  • Possibly scratch hamstring HANDICAP
  • Gold seen in mart could be shock TRAUMA
  • Mammoth embrace with ogre at last HUGE
  • Organ case adapted rice bag RIBCAGE
  • City revolutionary writer cripples? MIAMI
  • Grouse to arrive shortly on prairie COMPLAIN
  • Savoury dish unusual needs while RAREBIT
  • Creature prepared to leap across delta TADPOLE
  • Brilliant travellers encountered in small firms COMETS
  • Military student from DC ate bananas CADET
  • Come Together: rocky tune grabs one UNITE
  • One to trick revered person ICON
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