The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 12 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 12 2022 Answers


  • Space traveller not quite awake COMET
  • Elite soldiers quickly finding hairdresser SASSOON
  • Brutal husband with Uma in hotel INHUMAN
  • Idea from the two-speed writer THEME
  • At the farm produced second crop AFTERMATH
  • The whole of animal life ALL
  • Indifference in a way unknown APATHY
  • Nut a large Scottish man died ALMOND
  • Flower in Antarctica magical CAM
  • Calling after drink for end of joke PUNCHLINE
  • Content of jargon primarily this? ARGOT
  • Extremely naive about secret hold ENCLOSE
  • No-good prig in cult: who’s to blame? CULPRIT
  • Cheeky for example grabbing seconds SASSY


  • Pottery from communist regime CHINA
  • Mama keeps headwear for Indian sage MAHATMA
  • Watch maybe as millions lodged in bank TIMER
  • Some boots and a light shoe SANDAL
  • Carrier carried by fans at Chelsea SATCHEL
  • Last letter nothing great OMEGA
  • Like a Christmas tree cross NEEDLED
  • Old chief spies pulled up ARCHAIC
  • Pants too long for cool cat HIPSTER
  • Menacing old male one with common sense OMINOUS
  • Coin in slot? INVENT
  • Leader terribly glum about love MOGUL
  • Bill who had a joke or two with bumpkins? HICKS
  • Member in centre shortly producing lament ELEGY
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