The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 11 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 11 2022 Answers


  • Show inmate reforming getting parole at last MATINEE
  • Nature god holding one old instrument PIANO
  • Venue in Edgware named ARENA
  • Adjustment in leg isn’t for upper garment SINGLET
  • Primer damaged centre of grandma’s carpet REPRIMAND
  • Born in Bayonne enclave NEE
  • Song from Jamiroquai rubbish AIR
  • Lingerie shortened not wanting zip that's slack NEGLIGENT
  • Blokes in depression love hot pepper PIMENTO
  • One played in blues and new jazz only at first BANJO
  • Cut some ice bringing UN into bed COUNT
  • US Minuteman bisects two areas AMERICA


  • Maybe demonic look causes damage IMPAIR
  • Viewing complaint from Dynasty explained STYE
  • Offensive occupation? INVASION
  • His age bothered hostess GEISHA
  • Frank is old writer OPEN
  • Average weapon in a manner of speaking PARLANCE
  • Nebuchadnezzar for example daring BOTTLE
  • Short lament by soldier’s lover PARAMOUR
  • One among Busby babes or baby? DRIBBLER
  • Animal better left in two areas sent north ALPACA
  • International blog rewritten by top-grade student GLOBAL
  • Girl with mark that locates treasure chest THORAX
  • A B C D F or G? NOTE
  • Dubliners unlikely to feature in such films? NOIR
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