The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 7 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword May 7 2022 Answers


  • Assistance required to cover top of charcoal burner ACID
  • Foul defender and there's response KICKBACK
  • Paper published something spicy RAGOUT
  • Live on the edge RESIDE
  • Immature wood cut for infusion GREENTEA
  • In America very deep chamber CAVE
  • Energy entering a crowd a tiny shape-shifter AMOEBA
  • Shun Italian man no leader IGNORE
  • Short flat sandwich needs new filling SNUB
  • Tin can so explosive permit needed SANCTION
  • Wizard dispenses with fifty old sheep MERINO
  • Poor BBC owe natural network COBWEB
  • Tough gran gets bashed GANGSTER
  • Constant smoker somewhat sweet-natured ETNA


  • Somewhere to sit meeting leader CHAIR
  • See see fractures after GP binds one DIOCESE
  • Clobber little fox KIT
  • Flower people seen under vehicle CARNATION
  • Essential as in pen that's disposable BASIC
  • Corpse man found in vehicle CADAVER
  • Vehicle bringing delight TRANSPORT
  • Mean lad upset old statesman MANDELA
  • Remarkable reason you can’t book restaurant? NOTABLE
  • Creature in crazy binge BEING
  • Duck is able to get across eastern sea OCEAN
  • Agree Tory must leave being scoundrel CUR
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