The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 28 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 28 2022 Answers


  • Shepherd firstly caring for flock SWARM
  • Each to display houses in harbour town SEAPORT
  • Watch old boy start tennis game OBSERVE
  • Usher in haste errs STEER
  • Airmen in court sergeant-major and an artificer CRAFTSMAN
  • Some into occult also TOO
  • What might be used for touching proposal? FEELER
  • Suffer defeat in court room CLOSET
  • Apprehend in Tintern Abbey NAB
  • A kid on medication powerless and uncomfortable ILLATEASE
  • Message sensibly delivered in this bottle? NERVE
  • Note one certain to be a success NATURAL
  • Maiden in Exeter might be exceptional EXTREME
  • Thick? Way beyond stupid on reflection! MIDST


  • Philosophical sort almost shut in thus STOIC
  • Chopped sausage to satisfy ASSUAGE
  • Some consumer items having worth MERIT
  • Passionate players in vacuous story STEAMY
  • Team learn as being thrashed ARSENAL
  • Public upset when vase goes missing OVERT
  • Expel everyone attending? TURNOUT
  • One's intended to collect new money FINANCE
  • Glare vile yet arresting? EVILEYE
  • Runs in frightened marked by wound SCARRED
  • Look good on knight's arm GLANCE
  • Chap holding eastern headgear BERET
  • Carry mark and tribal symbol TOTEM
  • MDMA with powder taken up? Striking effect! ECLAT
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