The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 27 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword April 27 2022 Answers


  • Swallow one drink MARTINI
  • Headdress seen in trip abroad regularly TIARA
  • House in India with grand bathroom IGLOO
  • Like some rulers dismissing a risk IMPERIL
  • Firm back to collect document with mistakes ERRONEOUS
  • Assist excellent Democrat AID
  • State purpose ultimately denied GOA
  • Wicked piece of radish one's tasted DISHONEST
  • Struggle to survive in desert heat RATRACE
  • Fisherman left out? Annoyance results ANGER
  • Abscond with lover from Basel Opera ELOPE
  • Female in college lacking good name COLLEEN


  • Universal anger about politician and judge UMPIRE
  • Said to come from Aurora Leigh ORAL
  • Denied having fed pig inside DISOWNED
  • Desire freedom associated with marital consent? LIBIDO
  • Tramp lodged in waste pipe STEP
  • One engaged in motor madness in coach CARRIAGE
  • Song everyone gets in Michael Jackson album BALLAD
  • Response from sappers joining battle REACTION
  • City where opal reset with a sou? SAOPAULO
  • Danger terrible in domestic plot GARDEN
  • Small boat in rough drawing SKETCH
  • Hornet destroyed royal seat THRONE
  • A place to hide port ADEN
  • Eagle needs to cover Scots valley GLEN
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