The Sun Cryptic Crossword January 14 2022 Answers

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The Sun Cryptic Crossword January 14 2022 Answers


  • Mean to have grave prepared in A&E AVERAGE
  • Navigator in sanctimonious group PILOT
  • Artificial fleas buzzing about FALSE
  • Rubbish bin initially put in place for mechanic GARBAGE
  • Bust? Very rude about that! INSOLVENT
  • Song has character AIR
  • Conclusion of Ibsen drama END
  • Girl I went out with proved true VALIDATED
  • Round item a stone in coarse aggregate BALLAST
  • Fish Mike leaves in drawing-room SALON
  • Fashion figure in limo delectable MODEL
  • Takes on expert grabbing 100 points ACCEPTS


  • In restaurant's fine-ground stimulant CAFFEINE
  • Leader is corrupt it's understood REALISED
  • Lacking morals in HQ BASE
  • Black bird sees dog BEAGLE
  • Managed time in riotous depot OPERATED
  • Female star shortened little jumper FLEA
  • Something painful on Observer's cover? STYE
  • Greatly enjoy being skilful and winning LOVEABLE
  • Pet alone evolves as larger animal ANTELOPE
  • Bad manners from volatile end-users RUDENESS
  • Allowed American Henry to be murderous LETHAL
  • Impact one expects to have? BUMP
  • Place occupied by duke or knight's spouse LADY
  • Cricket perhaps ignoring batting order? SECT
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