New York Times Crossword November 23 2019 Answers

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New York Times Crossword November 23 2019 Answers


  • Temper in a way ASSUAGE
  • Experiment subjects LABMICE
  • Passed on SKIPPED
  • Founding member of the Justice League AQUAMAN
  • Boiling point? WITSEND
  • Rap group with six Grammys OUTKAST
  • Nail ACE
  • Rustic expanse LEA
  • Whos first? SILENTW
  • Your call NAMEIT
  • Predominant language in Darjeeling NEPALI
  • Places where drivers get tickets PARKINGGARAGES
  • Term of endearment PRECIOUS
  • Recharge perhaps REST
  • Pounded paste POI
  • Pollen repositories SACS
  • Fruitarianism and others FADDIETS
  • What happens after a zany plot twist HILARITYENSUES
  • Appeared ARISEN
  • Toughens STEELS
  • Madonna of the Pinks artist RAPHAEL
  • Constrictive creature BOA
  • He wrote All that we see or seem / Is but a dream within a dream POE
  • Parents peremptory reason ISAIDSO
  • Combo component ALTOSAX
  • Least giving FIRMEST
  • Straightaway BEELINE
  • Borat and others SATIRES
  • Contemporaries of the Pharisees and Sadducees ESSENES


  • City thats home to the Mausoleum of Aga Khan ASWAN
  • Bit of winter knitwear SKICAP
  • Online reference SITEMAP
  • The American Messenger Co. today UPS
  • Oafish APELIKE
  • Passed on in a way GENETIC
  • 13th-century literary work EDDA
  • Borderer of the Mekong LAOS
  • Summa Theologica philosopher AQUINAS
  • Usual suspect? BUTLER
  • What pros usually do MAKEPAR
  • It all gets done somehow IMANAGE
  • Moves two pieces at once in a way CASTLES
  • Interweave ENTWIST
  • Slip ERR
  • Try to bite NIPAT
  • Small perk GOODY
  • Expedition hiree GUIDE
  • Muslim magistrates SHARIFS
  • Low-cost carrier based in Kuala Lumpur AIRASIA
  • Low-budget pictures? CLIPART
  • Dish often served with soy sauce SASHIMI
  • Soft touch FINESSE
  • Arch supports INSOLES
  • Willing subjects ESTATES
  • Calendar abbr. TUE
  • Enters gradually SEEPSIN
  • Anthology READER
  • She accompanied Ferris on his day off SLOANE
  • The Battle of the ___ (D. W. Griffith film) SEXES
  • A ton LOTS
  • Term of endearment BABE
  • Jubilant cry OLE
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