The Times – Cryptic – August 14 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27116
Clues Answers
A fragment of quartz in cuprous metal ZINC
Apprentice in tie wraps up masks for pupils BLINDFOLDS
Attends, and is given marching orders takes notice
Aware sloppy kiss could be a problem for listeners EARWAX
Bachelor evicted from house in former Italian capital LIRA
Belief system primarily dividing country in revolution ISLAM
Broadcast turned down from start to finish THROUGHOUT
Decoration that chap’s given after police force disbanded RUCHE
Doctors drop charges CASTRATES
Drinking when temperature drops abroad, excusing oneself opting out
Embarrassed model reinstated STRAITENED
European involved in rising fools German mug STEIN
Firmly secured area where one shouldn’t be hit? under ones belt
First couple of keys in low type stuck together CAKED
Function cannot get put off COTANGENT
Gallons knocked back in horrific binge ORGY
Give more power to troops before onslaught RECHARGE
Highly effective agent disabled metallic bug magic bullet
Individual landed on radio ONE
Letters referring to late rent RIP
Lighter force? BARGE
Like raised skin lacking sensation ASLEEP
Plague from substance one used in Paris IMPORTUNE
Seeks garden footwear for lady court shoe
Silent pictures covering classic conference venue dumbarton oaks
Singular song and dance upset good mixer SODA
Stop trading in neighbouring county close down
Terminator takes control of Homo Sapiens HEADSMAN
The first person blocking end-of-year payments steps down decrements
What defendants do first, after start of proceedings PLEAD
The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1156
Clues Answers
American taking on mature tradition USAGE
Arctic sight I caught: diving bird wheeling round ICEBERG
Boil has burst? Stop ABOLISH
Eat spicily cooked dish, the restaurant’s best SPECIALITY
Excluding a measure of pressure BAR
Exclusive book? Exactly PLUMB
French city that’s occupied only on Saturdays LYONS
Improve that ginger biscuit and be quick! make it snappy
List of those to be remunerated in election around Scottish town pay-roll
Man attending the Spanish church CHAPEL
Moving fast, company’s containing blessed fellow’s operating expenses running costs
One brought in top suit — hearts — to win TRIUMPH
Self-absorbed, say, with wild conceit about source of reputation EGOCENTRIC
Senior politician about to get millions in support PREMIER
Set to include daughter as female LADY
Somewhere to take refuge, as truancy treated harshly SANCTUARY
Tries to interrupt genuine preparation for performance REHEARSAL
Two, not one? It’s generally three, four or five PAR
Upset no repast is without a fruit LEMON
Vendor, we hear, offering a lot of wine CELLAR
Vowed power line will get moved carefully PLEDGED
Work over — knock drink back OPUS
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