Irish Times (Simplex) – July 11 2018 Crossword Answers

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Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jul 11 2018 

Clues Answers
Animals BEASTS
Area where a river divides before entering the sea DELTA
Ascertains the dimensions MEASURES
Bring to a close CONCLUDE
Except on condition that UNLESS
Freshwater fish TROUT
Golf peg TEE
Hawaiian flower garland LEI
In the lead AHEAD
Lacking confidence UNCERTAIN
Lacking strength or vigour FEEBLE
Lathe operator and English landscape painter TURNER
Lively and outgoing person EXTROVERT
Long loose garments ROBES
Loving or amorous ROMANTIC
Man-made fabric NYLON
Married men HUSBANDS
Mindlessly, with no common sense STUPIDLY
Object to hold things CONTAINER
Obligations, assignments DUTIES
Of the moon LUNAR
One of 12 pairs of curved bones RIB
One’s sense of self-importance EGO
Passages for water or communication CHANNELS
Pleasure craft YACHTS
Render capable ENABLE
Softly, musically speaking PIANO
Spiny plant of dry regions CACTUS
Subtle difference NUANCE
Temporary cessation PAUSE
The old song urges to let a smile be yours UMBRELLA
They look out for talented people SCOUTS
They’re stingy hoarders MISERS
Timely, advantageous OPPORTUNE
Travelling over the limit SPEEDING
Tropical grass with strong hollow stems BAMBOO
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