The Times – Cryptic – June 14 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27064
Clues Answers
Almost want head of state to be less silly WISER
Announced maximum size increase that’s for closure of letter sealing wax
Appears to include some verse for beauty COMELINESS
Arab doctors turn up occasionally SOMETIMES
Battery food item one throws up? PANCAKE
Brandy distiller initially penalised FINED
Cause obstruction and be evasive? Nothing original in that STONEWALL
Childish amusement is best, as one is taken by surprise PICKABACK
Church to be put up in the shade CERISE
Civic leader in Scots region always moving backwards MAYOR
Clothing becomes a zombie? UNDIES
Community hub in west of Lewes, for example town centre
Egyptian gem, not British, put on old woman as beautifier MASCARA
Green stuff, the ultimate in style on woman’s accessory HERBAGE
He used to teach an assortment of pronouns USHER
Her clean-up arranged in mischievous spirit LEPRECHAUN
In extremes of volume, backing excellent singer PIAF
Iron Lady’s headgear FEDORA
Not the first to follow some lamb RACK
One clad in extra silk MOIRE
One says horses eat sparingly at odd intervals GRAZE
Porridge no one eats? OATMEAL
Quiet place to take hallucinogen PLACID
Rage shown by not half fierce newcomer STRANGER
Raised edge on large tablet PILL
Reverting to the ancient Bible — one’s in Greek ATAVISTIC
Struck with small glove SMITTEN
The spirit of melancholy ELAN
Very fine service held in turn by energetic type GOSSAMER
What Marxists, without vote, destroyed? TSARISM
What’s available for upmarket southern cooking? rump steak
Woman priest unknown in guide DIRECTORY
The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1113
Clues Answers
Arriving in good time — not quite 12? EARL
Australian bird the French boy copied EMULATED
Cross parent coming in to beat government official? TAXMAN
Do top of face with ointment FUNCTION
Dry and dreary routine linked to bachelor BRUT
Give wading bird protection on flight? HANDRAIL
Good group of students: they’re native to Africa GNUS
Headgear for pig? It’s of no consequence so what
Magician on island, rich, having abandoned US PROSPERO
Noble quality of larch, wound round with ivy CHIVALRY
Oral exclamation of support VIVA
Ottoman commander with short Thai girl AGATHA
Pick up present for audience HEAR
Pupil once turning eleven, no good for sport BOXING
Quietly furious one’s stealing from work? PIRATE
Someone entitled to organise rep, I feel? life peer
Somewhat absurd, using this language URDU
Stop draft draw up
Theorem musician holds up part of the year SUMMER
Thro’ it, he flourished, previously HITHERTO
Trotsky maybe has returned for Christmas NOEL
US writer’s visa returned, opened by medic ASIMOV
Use sparingly any goose that’s been cooked go easy on
Wader I put on twice IBIS
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