The Telegraph – Toughie – June 13 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Telegraph – Toughie Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 13 2018

Clues Answers
A new operation put into work in full array PANOPLY
Brother accepted case in error as go-between BROKER
Cafeteria TV folk renovated in distinctive manoeuvre VERTICALTAKEOFF
Drive shown by politician with energy in middle of bill IMPEL
Endorse senior business group offering rigid product BACKBOARD
Expression of first person’s will in detached community ISLE
Famous refusal to a former PM? NOTED
Hello’s error to feature someone with no star quality? LOSER
Hospital remains in mess HASH
Lack of progress when one’s tailing good person STASIS
Male expertise falls short about beginning to train for bulk HEFTINESS
Men occupying raised platform hoarding STORAGE
Muscle shown by a Northern nut PECAN
One who takes drink in staggering feat TEALEAF
One’s paid to check popular area’s sheltered parking INSPECTOR
Oppressive single Republican, old American ONEROUS
Perfect gin drunk on train — source of refinement? FINISHINGSCHOOL
Player’s note requires being outside, as a whole ENTIRETY
Playing area in light fall of rain as it were? SANDPIT
Proper due’s given out about French painter largely DECOROUS
Recall tennis player among friends in the distance AFAR
Recognise force shown by expert with unusual pout FACEUPTO
Small amount of liquid in sink needing kind of service DROPLET
Starting point in military headquarters BASE
Table for writing in office department BUREAU
This person is confronting duo causing damage IMPAIR
Two auxiliaries after taking a cut promise to repay rupees? It’s good manners BEHAVIOUR
What a dealer might do as change for executive body? RESHUFFLE
Working together like parachutists? INHARNESS
Writer about sport through agency of an SA citizen PERUVIAN
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