The Telegraph – Toughie – June 12 2018 Crossword Answers

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The Telegraph – Toughie Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Jun 12 2018 

Clues Answers
A leading actor once, Ashcroft originally inspired by Shakespearean character REAGAN
A little bit after theta? IOTA
Accommodating animal, roofless sty — not stable TOTTERY
Bad skin? Go for treatment with a soothing compound BAKINGSODA
Batter, England’s opener idly wandering across back of crease EYELID
Courage in member of pack? HEART
Course it’s a snack SANDWICH
Delight in Romeo of the East End? BOWLOVER
Device once binding hands and feet, feet ultimately suitably attired? STOCKS
Do check trouble in joint DOVETAIL
Energy of slip GOOF
Engaged in adultery, learnt to work out a system domestically? CENTRALHEATING
Fly, oddly tasted twice TSETSE
Hot finally, oven grill TOAST
Land earmarked for withdrawal? TOGO
Land located in Angola, ostensibly LAOS
Loud, wild sound FLAWLESS
Minor bloomer, newspaper featuring old knowledge FLORET
Old piece, item hard to make out? FARTHING
Sanctioned walk CONSTITUTIONAL
Short journey through irrelevant details TRIVIA
Standard run up TRAD
Superior to nitrogen, gold I state OREGON
Tax squeezing relative, unsettled VAGRANT
Thus, very unremarkable SOSO
Vacancies filled by unreliable boy, mischievous type SLYBOOTS
Vile person, identity to chew over TOERAG
Weaken metal and cause to fracture EMASCULATE
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